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  • 16/03/2023 19:23:05 | Categories : Game Guides , Runescape

    Runescape 3 Cooking Guide

    Why Should You Train Cooking? Cooking is one of the easiest skills to train in Runescape 3. Due to this fact it can be a good skill to max first if you are going for all 99s or if you are looking to increase your total level. Also it allows you to cook various sources of food in the game, [...]

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  • 16/03/2023 12:44:04 | Categories : D2R Builds , Diablo 2: Resurrected , Game Guides

    D2R Hybrid Bone Summon Necro

    Overview This build is effective, with inexpensive gear options while remaining viable. He is a powerful early ladder option where you can’t rely on accumulated wealth and stashed D2 Resurrected Items. Likewise he can be viable in Hardcore with the right gear selection. The varied damage s [...]

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  • 16/03/2023 10:02:03 | Categories : D2R Builds , Diablo 2: Resurrected , Game Guides

    D2R Elemental Hybrid Paladin Build

    Overview Vengeance has always been considered a weak primary offensive build and overlooked. With Auradins remaining strong in D2R PvM tier rankings, the Vengeance variant should be considered given the inherent synergies between Vengeance, Conviction, Holy Shock and Holy Fire Auras. While [...]

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  • 15/03/2023 19:55:02 | Categories : D2R Builds , Diablo 2: Resurrected , Game Guides

    Maul Shockwave Werebear D2R Build

    Werebear Druid is a tank build that uses Shapeshifting and Summoning abilities to soak damage, CC mobs, and enhance your team’s survivability. This build shines when part of a party, especially DPS classes which are perhaps more fragile. With this guide, you’ll learn how to master the Maul Wer [...]

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  • 15/03/2023 17:12:02 | Categories : Game Guides , Runescape

    OSRS High-Level Farming Guide

    Recommended Quests and Stats Before you start, there are a few quests you should consider completing in order to make your tree runs more efficient.   Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree are both great for access to spirit trees, which can be used for fast transportation. Bone Voyage [...]

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