D2R Ladder Reset, Season 2 Date

27/07/2022 17:47:50
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D2R Ladder Reset, Season 2 Date

Ladder Schedule of Diablo 2 Resurrected

When will Ladder Season 2 start?

Ladder season 2 will start at October 6th, 2022

When did the first ladder start?

D2R launched its first ladder season on April 28th, 2022. The game received a new patch, 2.4, which brought major updates and class balance changes. Players can now check the updates implemented in practice as the first competitive season is available to join.

Check out our Mercenaries or New Runewords guides to learn more about the patch details, and read on to discover more about the Ladder system changes. 


Introduction: What Is Ladder?

Ladder is an event in D2 and D2R where players start with brand new, level 1 characters. Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladders also provide a leveling race where character levels are shown on the Leaderboards. The gameplay is available in several playing modes, including Ladder, Nonladder, Hardcore Ladder, Hardcore Nonladder, Classic Ladder, and Classic Nonladder, each of which has its own leaderboard.

At the end of a ladder season, your in-game goods will not vanish; instead, they will be turned to Nonladder, where you can access all your previous Ladder characters. 


Gaming Mode Challenges

Each gaming mode has unique features. For example, if you die in hardcore, your character will stay dead permanently, which means you need extraordinary defensive abilities to farm at the endgame. In addition, Ladder has ladder-specific runewords and items, which allows for a greater variety of builds and item utilities compared to non-ladder.


Mode types


Classic vs Hardcore Classic

With four acts in total, it is a gaming format where the non-expansion, classical Diablo 2 format is available. Via the Hardcore format, you will only have one life and will stay dead permanently if your character dies.

Expansion vs Hardcore Expansion

Both formats allow you to play the full content of the expansion set. Similarly to Classic vs Hardcore Classic, if your character dies in Hardcore Expansion, it permanently stays dead.


Reset Dates in 2022

Despite a couple of postponed release dates, this season launched on April 28th, 2022. Previously, Ladder resets occurred once every six months. New ladders usually bring back many inactive players as they offer fresh challenges. In D2R, the ladder reset time frame has not been announced yet, but there are rumors from Blizzard employees that it will be launched more frequently, at four months per ladder season. 


Ladder season 2 starts at october 6th.

Blizzard likely wonโ€™t stick to the biannual ladder format, so we can expect the next ladder seasons to start four months from the previous ones. Although the exact time frames have yet to be officially confirmed, the ladder start frequency mentioned above seems to be the most likely as the best competitive conditions can be achieved by a ladder reset three times a year. 


What about PTRs?

Public Test Realms have been introduced to D2R in a similar fashion to Diablo 3. Before launching a patch with new content, developers correct any bugs that might come up with the patch. Having PTRs can delay the launch frequencies as there is no telling when all the bugs will be rectified in new gaming content.

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