December Store News, 50% Free XP!

05.12.2022 - 16:46:04
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December Store News, 50% Free XP!

Dear Gaming Fans,

We are happy to share some exciting store news:

- Rpgstash has recently opened up its Account store! If you are looking for Valorant or League of Legends accounts, you are at the right place!

- World of Warcraft's Dragonflight Expansion has just been released, but we are ready to serve you already. Check out our WOW Store and let us take care of all your gold needs!

- Path of Exile's new expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum is about to be released in 4 days. We are prepared to serve you with Currency right from day one!

- Since our last post we have launched a new store: Torchlight Infinite! If you are looking to buy Flame Elementum, look no further, we have you covered regardless of your region.

-And last but not least, we are running a store-wide 50% Extra XP Coupon with orders over 20$+. Make sure to use the voucher "XP50" to receive the Extra XP, and level up your account for additional discounts and membership benefits! The offer is valid until the 8th of December.

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