Fury Warrior Guide - WOW Dragonflight

14.12.2022 - 11:02:46
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Fury Warrior Guide - WOW Dragonflight

Fury Warrior is one of the many Melee DPS specializations in Dragonflight and is simplistic in its straightforward rotation revolving around building and spending your resources to maintain your Enrage mastery buff.


Why play Fury Warrior

Fury warrior has some of the most active gameplay of any class and any specialization in the entire game. It is one of the few DPS specializations that is rotationally locked by how fast your GCD is and it is incredibly fast paced. Fury is one of the highest action per minute specializations in the game, and proof that engaging gameplay does not only belong to complex gameplay.

Fury has high mobility, mediocre self healing and a potent, raid-wide defensive cooldown as well as a well rounded offensive toolkit. It’s a fast and engaging playstyle that is simplistic in the way that it functions and consistent in its high damage output in any scenario.

Fury is not a difficult specialization to learn but it is absolutely difficult to master and the ceiling for what the specialization can do is incredibly high.

You have several high burst options in AoE with very little buildup and without sacrificing damage elsewhere.

As a Fury Warrior, you have access to multiple defensive options and you are the sole source of the incredibly potent, group wide physical damage buff Battle Shout

To name a few of the potential drawbacks of fury,

  • Because Fury is an incredibly fast paced DPS specialization, it might prove difficult for some players to keep up with.
  • As a Fury Warrior, downtime is incredibly penalizing and must always be avoided. 
  • As a Fury Warrior your single-target damage output is always going to be mediocre and middle-of-the-pack just like Windwalker would be.

The basics of Fury Warrior gameplay

The basics of Fury warrior are fairly simplistic in their implementation. Fury Warrior is a fast paced specialization, with nearly zero downtime.

Nearly every ability you have access to will generate rage and the gameplay is the typical builder-spender class, but the interaction and the actions required per minute are what make it so demanding.

You want to use all of your abilities to generate rage that you will then spend on Rampage, converting your Rage into Enrage, increasing damage done amplified by your mastery and applying a haste buff that makes the gameplay even faster. There are several additional talented cooldowns that augment this such as Unbridled Ferocity, Ravager and Odyn’s Fury

You have a few options in terms of builds and you can play around with an Annihilator build if you can effectively play Fury to have no downtime, regardless of your build though you should remain on the same target as much as possible and as actively as possible. 

Due to the Rage generation you have access to through your abilities and augmented through your talents, you should be able to cast Rampage with a very high frequency, resulting in a high Enrage uptime regardless of your gear level. Remember though, warriors do not have a good way to recover from downtime so every global matters.

To recap, use an ability every single global that you can and spend your Rage through Rampage to keep Enrage uptime high. The class entirely revolves around this cycle of generating Rage and spending it on Rampage. This is always your focus.


Fury Warrior Utility

Fury Warrior has access to a number of utility options in the following: 

  • Rallying Cry, a raid or group wide defensive ability increasing everyones’ maximum health. This is extremely effective in surviving otherwise lethal mechanics and provides incredible relief to the healers when there is high damage intake on several people.
  • You have access to Battle Shout, one of the only two buffs that increase the Physical Damage of everyone else in your party or in your raid.
  • You have access to an AoE fear in Intimidating Shout. There’s not a lot of applicable use for this ability, but you can use it as a secondary interrupt and you can use it as a second to run when you take threat of the mobs away from the tank. 
  • You have access to Hamstring, and while not something you will use often, not even in every dungeon and never in raid, Hamstring provides incredible value in helping your tank to escape and to create breathing room for himself when moving away from mobs. This is generally an ability that you won’t see most people use but it is an ability with the potential for an incredible impact if used at the right time by a situationally aware Fury Warrior.
  • You have powerful defensives in your self sustain from Enraged Regeneration amplifying the healing obtained from Bloodthirst, and it helps to relieve pressure from the healer in times of high damage if used correctly.

There’s not much else in terms of utility that you have as a Fury Warrior, but your strength will always lie in both your Battle Shout group-wide buff and your AoE damage capability. Warrior is an incredibly strong pick for any dungeon team and always a wise decision to bring to any cleave fights.

If you have any other question about fury warrior, or you’re looking for a more in-depth rotational or talent guide, please keep an eye out as those will be coming out shortly, Good luck!

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