Path of Exile 3.19 Update: Lake of Kalandra League

02/09/2022 09:40:13
Path of Exile

Path of Exile 3.19 Update: Lake of Kalandra League

In August, Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile 3.19, and successively launched The Lake of Kalandra League on PC/MAC and Xbox/PlayStation. In this update, there is still more creativity in Sentinel League. It is worth mentioning that, 14 brand new unique and new gems appear. RPGStash will give you a comprehensive interpretation of this update.

Most Valuable Item - Mirror of Kalandra

In Path of Exile 3.19, the Mirror of Kalandra is Path of Exile's most valuable item. In the Kalandra Challenge League, you'll travel to the mirror lake that empowers Kalandra to replicate. Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra brings a new area with creatures to fight, collect loot, changes to the endgame, and more.

The lake shows a reflection of the Wraeclast itself, and while traveling in the Wraeclast, you will occasionally find a mirrored tablet. Build this tablet by placing reflections of dangerous encounters in specific locations. Once you've assigned reflections to each empty spot on your tablet, you can open the portal to Calandra Lake, which will showcase your creations for you to experience.