Vengeance Demon Hunter Guide - WOW Dragonflight

16.12.2022 - 12:43:59
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Vengeance Demon Hunter Guide - WOW Dragonflight

Demon Hunters have an incredible amount of mobility in raids and dungeons and in general they can move around more quickly than almost every specialization in the game due to Infernal Strike, as well as various talents that they have access to. They excel in AoE burst scenarios and cleave damage, with their sigil utility becoming extremely effective in a dungeon setting. Vengeance Demon Hunter features a mix of damage mitigation and healing, with low uptime and low cost active mitigation, as well as the ability to mitigate magic damage effectively and having extremely high burst healing potential.


Why play Vengeance Demon Hunter

Demon hunter has many, many strengths and reason to be played, namely:

Vengeance Demon Hunter is arguably one of the highest mobility specializations in the game

Vengeance DH has incredible utility in Mythic+ and a very high damage output, as well as lots of room for optimization to always be getting better, as well as great sustain with leech and self-healing along with their unique magic damage debuff to help every spell user in your group or party. These strengths form the core of Vengeance and together make it one of the most effective tank specializations in the game to play.

There are a few weaknesses to Vengeance, and they are not at all significant:

You’re restricted in your talent point when looking at wanting to deal damage past 5 targets and restricted in a way that you are forced to miss great talent choices out of necessity.

Vengeance possesses poor single target damage and your rotation can be dramatically disrupted by misplaying.


The basics of Vengeance Demon Hunter gameplay

Vengeance centers itself around resource management, including active mitigation just as any other tank would, damage, healing, and the incredible control you possess in your sigils. The Vengeance Demon Hunter rotation revolves around building soles as quickly as possible and then consuming them with either Soul Cleave or Spirit Bomb. When outside of this gameplay loop, you have the opportunity to use all of your utility.

As a beginner, a good choice is to start out with Shear to begin to learn the rotation and learn how to properly acquire the situational awareness required to use Demon Spikes.

Fiery Brand should be placed on the target when anticipating high damage, or because holding it is almost always a poor choice over using it on cooldown on the biggest mob in the pull. In addition, you have access to a major cooldown in Metamorphosis. This works to proactively increase your health before you receive a high amount of damage as well as reactively to heal the damage you’ve taken quickly. When playing with Demonic, Fel Devastation will trigger Metamorphosis for 8 seconds. In almost all situations Metamorphosis alone is enough to survive and this allows your Demon Spikes to recharge.


Vengeance Demon Hunter Utility

As a Vengeance DH, you have access to a wide array of sigils and utility to help you in your tanking, most notably:

  • Metamorphosis is an incredible cooldown. While a long 4 minute CD, it alone is enough to allow you to survive nearly anything and should definitely be mentioned for it’s offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • You have access to Darkness, a ground-based group wide defensive that gives a 20% chance to avoid all damage from an attack. This is incredibly useful in a raid setting and for mechanics that hit extremely hard and will always find value when used
  • Sigil of Silence is an incredible AoE silence that lasts for 6 seconds on a 1 minute cooldown. It has use in nearly every dungeon you will run and will prove invaluable in saving your party when kicks are down. This plays a major role in your group utility.
  • Sigil of Chains has immense value in grouping mobs together to efficiently set up your group for burst AoE. It cannot be overstated how immensely helpful this is for every burst AoE class in the game - use it frequently and use it often.
  • Sigil of Misery - Places a sigil on the ground and 2 seconds later it fears all enemies inside the sigil for 20 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown. This won’t see a ton of use but it is a good last-ditch interrupt, as well as useful for taking a mob out of the fight for 20 seconds so long as your group can avoid breaking the fear with damage.
  • Chaos Nova functions as an AoE stun on all nearby enemies for 2 seconds. This is an impactful ability to create space, to slow down damage intake and to support your group and it’s an ability you will want to use often.
  • Vengeful Retreat is a personal movement ability that frees your character from any snares and creates space, it is on a very short 25 second cooldown and if you need space this is the first button you hit.
  • Last Resort is your cheat death, and not only does it save you from death but also grants Metamorphosis for 15 seconds. This is likely one of the strongest cheat death abilities in the game and will save you countless times.
  • In terms of personal gain, The Hunt is an incredible ability that not only does a significant portion of damage to one target, but also applies a dot on up to 5 targets in the path of the target you’ve used it on, and 20% of the damage you deal to the enemy targeted by your use of the The Hunt will transfer back to you in the form of healing for 20 seconds. This is something you will use early and use often the entire time you’re playing a Demon Hunter.

All in all, the amount of utility, mobility and damage a Vengeance Demon Hunter brings to the table is nearly unmatched and they excel in every type of content because of this. If you want to play a mobile tank with incredible control and burst AoE, Vengeance Demon Hunter might be the class for you. Keep an eye out for more guides!

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