WOW Classic - Hunter Leveling 1-60 Guide

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WOW Classic - Hunter Leveling 1-60 Guide


Hunter in WoW Classic as a pure damage-dealing class is one of the best for leveling up. Leveling up hunters affects how you level up, most top-level hunters build using marksmanship talent trees and invest heavily in beast mastery trees for a better leveling experience.

While a hunter isn't a difficult class to play, knowing how to get the most out of your kit can make it a lot more fun. RPGStash will cover several important elements of leveling up hunters, from general leveling techniques to hunter-specific discussions.

Hunter has the following Pros:

1. Hunter is one of the strongest single-player professions and the easiest to upgrade.

2. Excellent survivability, let your pet take the brunt of the damage and escape by suspended animation.

3. Low dependence on equipment, because pets will do most of the damage.

4. Good at hitting multiple targets.

5. Use traps, wing clips, and concussion shots for great utility and crowd control.

General Leveling Tips

Because of this, players should not use junk skills when using hunters, otherwise, the mana will be exhausted quickly. When using a hunter, you need to keep your pet at the same level as you, maintaining a constant supply of pet food and weapon ammo.

Leveling up is also part of the game, and players should enjoy the leveling process as much as possible because once you reach level 60, you won't do it again. Use these tips to make the leveling process more exciting and fun.

Many areas are horde or alliance oriented so you need to make sure you choose the right area for your faction, try new areas boldly, players can level up faster by trying to pick an area you are already familiar with.

Ensure adequate food and water. As a hunter, your pets will take most of the damage, using skills to heal pets will drain mana quickly, and you can also feed your pets plenty of food to keep their morale up!

Do your best to fight only one enemy at a time. When your pet is actively tanking and you barrage enemies with auto-shooting, you can barely kill unless your pet is dead. When you start adding more enemies to the equation, things quickly get out of hand. Your pets can't hold hatred against all enemies, which means they'll come and attack you!

When you fight an enemy, try to choose an enemy of the same level as you. Neither higher-level nor lower-level monsters will give them their full experience points, but equal-level enemies will. They're also the fairest challenges in terms of strength, so they'll serve as a good indicator of your character's abilities.

When leveling, you can take advantage of hunter traps. These can only be placed when you are not fighting, and only one at a time. If you're pulling multiple enemies and want to deal damage to all of them, an explosive trap is a good choice. The Freeze Trap is more powerful and can completely freeze enemies for a minute. Or the Frost Trap will linger after being triggered, slowing all enemies trapped in it.

Statistics priority

Agility - Agility is your strongest attribute. This increases your ranged attack power, critical strike chance, evasion chance, and armor. Every bit of agility is great for helping you deal more damage, but it also provides a slight defense boost. Nothing beats agile, so load it up as best you can. 

Intellect - The next most important stat when leveling up is Intellect. This will increase your maximum mana pool, which is essential for your ability to cast. If you cast Arcane Shot too often, you may find yourself often running low on mana. Having more wisdom will make this happen less often.

Spirit - Another great stat is Spirit. This increases your non-combat mana and health regeneration, but you can also start mana regeneration if you haven't cast an ability in the last 5 seconds. This is a great way to passively restore mana when you're not actively using Arcane Shot.

Stamina - You also need the stamina to increase your health pool. Considering that your pet takes all the damage, it's not as important as other classes. This is fine in case your pet dies or is fighting multiple enemies, so don't shy away from it.

Strength - You can also benefit from strength, but it's not that important. Strength increases your melee attack, which is useful in situations where you are forced into melee range. However, you should avoid this at all costs with a kite and your pet, so you don't even need the benefits that strength gives you. 

Talent Progression

The best way to level up hunters is to go beast mastery. It gives you an additional source of damage and a major line of defense. Not only can you revive and heal your pet, but you can also control how it attacks and moves, giving you plenty to track.

Abilities to Train

Level 1-20 – Abilities up to level 20 are fairly inexpensive to purchase for the usefulness they offer. Learn every ability up to level 20. Make sure to complete the quest to acquire a pet companion.

Level 26 – Rapid Fire rank 1, Serpent Sting rank 1

Level 28 – Aspect of the Hawk rank 3, Arcane Shot rank 4

Level 30 – Feign Death rank 1, Multi-Shot rank 2

Level 38 – Immolation Trap rank 1, Arcane Shot rank 5, Aspect of the Hawk rank 4, Serpent Sting rank 2

Level 40 – Aspect of the Pack rank 1, Mail Armor

Level 42 – Multi-Shot rank 3, Serpent Sting rank 3

Level 44 – Arcane Shot rank 6

Level 50 – Aspect of the Hawk rank 5, Serpent Sting rank 4

Level 52 – Arcane Shot rank 6

Level 54 – Multi-Shot rank 4

Level 58 – Aspect of the Hawk rank 6

Anytime you go to train your abilities, make sure that you're also training your pet at the same time!

Class Quest - Pets

Beast Companion: Once you reach level 10, you'll get the most iconic part of your hunter's kit: pets! When you level up your hunters, your pets deal a large percentage of your total damage. It will also absorb most incoming blows for you. This means that pets will more than double your effective strength, and you will be very weak without a pet.

Each race has its own quest to complete, requiring you to tame the various beasts found in your race's region. The pets you tame will have different stats depending on which animal family each beast comes from.


Ranged weapon upgrades are always your top priority. Ranged weapons are a huge upgrade for hunters. You should prioritize bows and guns that offer higher weapon damage, attack speed, and DPS over stats like agility and stamina. Don't ignore melee weapons, hunters actually use both ranged and melee weapons. Weapon stats are very helpful.

Always use the strongest arrow or ammo available. You can buy ammo that deals more damage as you level up, incentivizing you to check often and make sure no stronger ammo is available for you.

 At level 40 you will unlock mail armor, and prioritize gear with better stats over armor types. You'll unlock the ability to equip mail armor at level 40, but you may not be fully wearing mail until you reach the max level. Mail does give you more armor, but it doesn't necessarily translate into better stats. Therefore, prioritize gear with a better combination of useful stats.

Professions for hunters

Professions focus on collecting and crafting to keep you out of combat, but they still make the leveling process smoother! You can combine both gathering classes to give you maximum farming potential, resulting in a huge WOW Classic Gold generation. You can also use your class skills to craft useful equipment or consumables for yourself! Either way, careers add another dynamic to your character, making it easier to enjoy.

Skinning - Skinning is the hunter's preferred occupation. Skinning is a collecting skill that earns quite a bit of money by selling raw hides, or you can choose to use it to craft useful gear.

Leatherworking - Players use leatherwork to craft leather and mail, crafting useful gear throughout the upgrade process! The armor kit doesn't hurt either, making you tankier!

Mining - Mining paired with skinning for two gathering classes, or with engineering. Skinning and mining are great for making money, but you won't get any lasting benefits from these occupations alone.

Engineering - For hunters, Engineering can not only make scopes to increase the power of bows/guns, but also make guns and ammunition! If you're using a gun, engineering will make it easier to never run out of ammo! 


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