Blade and Soul Gold Delivery

We offer quick and 100% safe method of trade via cross-server Dungeon (other methods maybe available on request, contact our customer service via livechat for more info).
Please note you need to be level 15 or higher in order to access the Dungeon.

5 easy steps to receive your Blade and Soul gold:

1.  After your order placed and verified, please contact our customer serrvice support via livechat.

2. While in the game press F8. Enter Dungeon Lobby and click "Find Room".

Use the Lobby Number and Password our customer service agent has provided to you.

3. Once you enter the Lobby please click "Ready" and join Dungeon with our delivery agent.

4. In Dungeon proceed to kill NPC character together with our delivery agent.

5. Once refinded or better item drops we will bid gold on it (amount you have bought from us). After that just click "Pass" and you will get the gold.

Enjoy your BnS gold and rock the game!