Diablo 2 FAQ

How do you deliver items  and how long does it take?

We will place the items on a new Diablo 2 Battle.net account and send you the login information via email. Orders are delivered within 1 hour of purchase. If you need help to transfer the items to your own character, simply contact our live chat accessible in lower right corner of website.

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How does the power leveling work?

  • You must create the character you want leveled before placing your order. This way you are guaranteed to get a character name you are pleased with.
  • When you place your order you must enter account name, password and character name in order comment field during checkout.
  • The time it takes to complete an order is stated in product description.
  • You are strictly forbidden to login to your account while we work on your order. We always change password on your acount before we start a service to protect your account and to ensure access at all times. Password will be changed back to original as soon as order is completed
  • We sell quest and waypoint add-ons. These can only be ordered together with a power leveling service for your character. They can not be ordered on their own.
  • We never use bots, macros or other hacks. Everything is done manually using clean cd keys and ip addresses.


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What is the difference between Ladder and Non Ladder

Ladder characters and non ladder characters can not play in the same games. Ladder characters can only play in ladder games and non ladder characters can only play in non ladder games. When creating a new character on your account, the default setting is Ladder. To make a non ladder character, simply untick the ladder checkbox when creating character.

Ladder character
Non Ladder
Non Ladder character

Ladder is a special mode where all participating characters are ranked based on their experience. A Ladder season runs for limited time and all participating characters are transfered to Non Ladder when Blizzard ends the season. To participate in the next Ladder season you must create a new Ladder character.

There are special unique items that only can be found when playing Ladder and there are special runewords that only can be assembled when playing Ladder. Any such items aquired during the Ladder season will remain on your character when it is transfered to Non Ladder. Non Ladder, on the other hand, runs on forever without rankings and change of seasons.

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What is the difference between unperm, perm and legit items?

  • An unperm item is a duplicated item that may be deleted from battle.net when you exit a game unless you follow a special security protocol*
  • A perm item, on the other hand, will never be deleted.
  • A legit item is an item that never has been duplicated. All legit items are perm but not all perm items are legit.


*To prevent any unperm D2 item from getting deleted when you exit a game on battle.net you must do as follows: Ask another player to trade and when he has accepted the request one of you must cancel the trade after which the player on which the unperm item is located (whether in inventory, stash or equipped) must save and exit the game immediately. By following this protocol you will never lose any unperm items. Please note that unperm jewels and runes become perm and safe once inserted into a socketed item.

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Are your items perm?

Yes. All our items are perm.

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Can I sell you my items?

No. We don't buy d2 items from individual players.

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