Elder Scrolls Online FAQ

How do you deliver gold and items and how long does it take?

We deliver the gold to your character via in-game mail. On our checkout page we collect required delivery information from you. If you order for PS4 we need your PSNID. If you order for Xbox we need your gamertag. If you order for PC/Mac we need your @UserID. If unsure, you can find the requested delivery information on the in-game map.

The actual delivery time depends on what gold product you purchase. We offer a cheaper and a more expensive gold product for each platform. Delivery of the cheaper product can take up to 24 hours. The more expensive product will be delivered within 30 minutes.

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How much gold do you have in stock?

Our stock fluctuates significantly over the day depending on order volume but we guarantee that we can deliver orders with up to 500 USD worth of gold on any platform and server within the time frame stated in product description.

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How does the power leveling work?

We will collect your Elder Scrolls Online login information on our checkout page. Once order is placed you have to contact our live chat to coordinate with us the access to your Elder Scrolls Online account. On our chat you will be prompted for an authentication code that you will receive via email or sms. Once you have provided us with the code we can login to your account and initiate the leveling/playing. For security reasons you are strictly forbidden to login to your account until order has been completed. We will email you when order has been completed and you can also track your order status on your order history page which is accessible when you are logged into our website.

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Can I sell you my Elder Scrolls Online gold/account/items?

We don't buy gold, accounts, or items in Elder Scrolls Online at moment. We will let you know first thing if this policy changes.

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