Game Keys & Time Cards FAQ

Are you selling legit games?

Yes. All our games, time cards, and subscriptions are the real deal. They are official products with full functionality.

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How can you sell legit games cheaper than the official stores?

The official stores such as Steam, Origin, Windows Live, Xbox, and are actually overcharging customers in western countries for their products. And it's all because they can. If you live in China or Russia, for example, then you can get the games much cheaper from the very same stores. This is where we enter the picture. We bring the foreign markets and their prices straight to you. We believe that gaming should be fair - all the way from purchase to play.

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How do you deliver my order and how long does it take?

We will send you an email with product key within 30 minutes of purchase. Then simply go to official store / website and enter key to obtain product.

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Why should I trust you?

We are operating as a registered Hong Kong company and source our workers from western countries. Through the years, tens of thousands of customers have experienced and keep experiencing our professional service, and we got fully transparent third party review ratings and social presence to back it all up. Flawless eBay feedback, continuously updated bizrate score, a firm presence on facebook, and a guaranteed hacker and virus free website comprise our credibility and quality of assurance.

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