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Is the RPGStash MUT Store legit?

Yes, is a legit, well-recognized, and steadily growing company that started in 2004 as D2 Store (legacy version). Since then, we have consistently met the needs of our 200.000+ customers. But, of course, our business would not exist without the exceptional care taken in our delivery and product safety. To prove it, we have fully transparent third-party review ratings on Trustpilot and security certificates from TrustedSite. You can read more about the history of RPGStash in this blog post. And be sure to check out the Assurance page to learn more about our impeccable reputation.

Is it safe to buy MUT Coin from RPGStash?

Lets answer this important question in 3 parts.

About your data security. Here at RPGStash, our priority is to ensure that our customer's personal and transaction data are safe and that privacy is respected. Therefore, we have applied several procedures to fight online fraud and protect customers. Furthermore, we are a European registered company complying with all local and global policies.

About in-game transfers and services. At RPGStash, we have taken all necessary steps to ensure order handling is protected. Our customer's data will never be abused or revealed externally. While there are game development companies that do not allow in-game trades we successfully avoid the risks by utilizing various methods/tricks for each game. That said, you can be sure there are no bots or spamming practices. Our 200.000+ customers aren't mistaken; with almost 20 years in business, we are still here and growing every day. Read our story here.

About the post service. At RPGStash, we run several internal screening stages to ensure our customers are satisfied. In addition, we have the independent review service of TrustPilot which gathers feedback from our customers. Naturally, we respect and appreciate every review (even the unhappy ones), as our goal is to improve continuously. Customers also have the option to contact the RPGStash manager directly through our contact form should they require immediate attention.

How can I buy MUT Coin?

1. Select the correct platform in our MUT Store.
2. Place an order on the website and pay with your preferred payment method.
3. After approval, your order status will be changed to Ready for Delivery. We will notify you via email about your order status, so keep an eye on your email inbox, including your spam folder.

How do you deliver my MUT Coin?

Delivery in Madden NFL UT is straightforward and safe! We deliver via in-game auction house.
1. List player card in the auction house with setting a random numbers as start bid close to the buy now price. Please Do NOT put solid number as a bid.
2. Put up your player card for minimum 24 Hours in the auctions house is recommended.
3. Do not use more than the 90% of the card maximum value. If you want to buy a large amount of Madden Ultimate Team Coin, make sure you have a card that has a high max value or upload more cards for sale. We recommend you to post Elite cards or Powerups.
4. Please post player cards before you pay. We do not cover the player costs and the fee of the Auction house.

How long does it take to deliver my MUT Coin order?

Unlike other MUT shops, we deliver most of the orders within several minutes, but in some cases, it may take longer for the following reason:
- MUT servers are overloaded
Good news: 99.99% of our orders are delivered within 1-2 hours (on rare occasions, up to 12 hours).

Do you offer MUT Coin delivery for consoles like PS, XBOX, Nintendo or Switch?

We deliver MUT Coin on PS, XBOX and PC platforms. Please choose your platform correctly.

I have seen a cheaper MUT shop. Can you match their price?

We do not offer price matching at the moment. Our focus is to provide a high-quality service for our customers who value delivery speed and security. You will find a long wait time for delivery when you order from a cheaper shop. Sometimes an eternity. You may also end up with your game account banned or have purchased goods retracted.

Here at RPGStash, we put lots of continuous effort into keeping ourselves and our customers secure and well stocked. This adds to the price tag, but it's worth every cent to order from us if you are serious about gaming.

Do you feature a loyalty program, discounts, bonuses, rewards or special campaigns?

Yes! We offer promos, bonuses, cashback, and even freebies!

Click to learn more about our promotions and Level Up XPerience page.

Why doesn't my Prepaid / Debit / Credit Card work?

1. Please ensure the following is correct: card number, name, and any security information required during checkout (including 3DS* secure).

*3DS or 3D-Secure is the secure protocol designed to ensure enhanced security and strong authentication for customers using debit and credit cards online.

If you do not know your 3D-Secure passcode or password and you are not given the option to enroll online via the bank’s pop-up screen, then you will need to contact your bank.

2. Try another card processor at checkout. We highly recommend PayPal as they have a 95% success rate compared to other card payment methods.

3. If your bank has declined the transaction for security reasons, please contact your bank to see if they can help you resolve any issues, then try again.

In case none of the above rectify the situation, there are a couple of other possibilities to consider:.

- If you are paying by debit card, you may have reached your predefined spending limit or run out of funds. Contact your financial institution to find out.

- If you are paying as an unregistered user via a payment gateway such as PayPal, you may have also reached the spending limit for unregistered users. In that case, it is best to register and verify a PayPal account to continue making payments.

How can I contact you?

The fastest way to reach us is via live chat, which you can access from the Live Chat tab on the right-hand side of the website. You can also email [email protected]

🔥 MUT Shop News

Hey Madden community!

22th of November, 2022

We have a top 3 list for you. This week we're looking at the top 3 players in the Harvest program:

1. 93 OVR Aaron Rodgers (QB) Whenever a new Rodgers item is released, it's almost certain that he's one of the best QBs in the game and this is no exception.
2. 93 OVR Jeremy Chinn (SS) Chinn is the best safety currently in the game and he has the best chance to defend against the aggressive catch meta.
3. 93 OVR Lawrence Taylor (ROLB) Last week we ranked the top 10 pass rushers in the game, and if he had been available, Taylor would have been on top of that list.

Dear MUT Players!

14th of October, 2022

A new Title Update is available today in Madden NFL 23 that provides multiple updates to Gameplay, Franchise, Face of the Franchise, Ultimate Team, The Yard, NFL Authenticity, and Presentation. Check out everything included in today's update below and share your feedback with us at the end of this article.

How to farm MUT 23 Coins fast

31th of August, 2022

MUT 23 coins are the most important form of currency for players in Madden NFL 23. Whether you want a complete set of equipment or buy players to form an Ultimate Team, you will need MUT Coins. Therefore, one of the most important purposes for players to participate in the game Is to win rewards to get more Coins. Madden 23 offers players a variety of ways to get Madden 23 Coins, if you have enough time to invest, don't miss them:

Weekly and Daily Challenges

Players can participate in daily and weekly matches, and most challenges only require winning a few matches. You will earn a certain amount of MUT Coins per day. In Gauntlet Ultimate Challenges, collect 100 out of 150 stars and you'll get 89 OVR players, but these cards cannot be sold at auction. When you complete 150 stars, you will get 7 new cards and 50000 Coin as a reward, as well as 100-350 Coin from each star. Buy packs or win your favorite players at auction.

Transfer Market Trade

The transfer market is the place where players trade. You can buy your favorite players at a low price, or you can sell non-needed players or items. After a transaction is completed, EA will charge a 10% transaction fee. The transfer market is the best place for players to get rich quick. Learn the prices, and you will find cards below market price.

Solo Battles

There are new AI-controlled teams for you to fight and earn new rewards every week. Players can start with single-player battles, and if your performance in battles are good, go ahead and choose a challenge with a higher difficulty level. Make sure to choose a level where you can win, since as your score improves, you'll be rewarded. If you make sure to play the full tournament every week, you should be able to enter the All-Star Award, which will give you 30,000 gold, 30 trophies, and some openable packs.

What is Madden NFL?
Madden NFL is an American Football video game series developed by EA Sports, based on a simulated and authentic NFL interactive experience. Madden NFL 23 is available for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S, and the new FieldSENSE gaming system allows players to experience an immersive digital football experience in every mode, like the NFL fantasy of winning the Super Bowl.

Whether you're playing as your favorite team, creating your own players, or playing online, Madden 23 brings you a whole new gaming experience. Start earning rewards and unlock exclusive in-game events to open packs in Madden Ultimate Team. Madden Rewards members can receive MUT Coins, Packs and other surprises throughout the Madden NFL season.

What are MUT Coins?

MUT Coins are Madden NFL Coins, the most important currency in the Madden NFL series. Players can use MUT Coins to buy MUT packs in-game, and trade MUT players at the transfer market. Madden 23 Coins can be used to buy players to build and enhance Ultimate Teams. Having a higher OVR means having more advantages in the game, but to reach high OVR you have to pay a lot of MUT Coins.

How to get more MUT Coins for free?

There are many ways to get MUT 23 Coins for free, the most common is to sell cards, do tournaments and complete challenges. Every series of Madden NFL has new changes introduced, and you should find the most lucrative way to farm Madden NFL 23 Coins according to the changes of the game.

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