Shadows and Dust [PC Standard] -50%

Shadows and Dust PC Standard

Unique 20 Rampage -N/A- Clasped Mitts
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Shadows and Dust
Clasped Mitts
Quality: +20%
Evasion: (125-142)
Energy Shield: (24-27)
Requires Level 31, 25 Dex, 25 Int(20-30)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
+(20-30)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
(100-130)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
0.2% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Mana
Creates a Smoke Cloud on Rampage
Gain Unholy Might for 3 seconds on Rampage
What is fear but a snuffed torch
and death in the wind?
  • Rarity Unique
  • Quality 20
  • Drop Leagues Rampage
  • Map Tier -N/A-
  • Base Item Clasped Mitts

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