Veruso's Battering Rams [PC Standard] -50%

Veruso's Battering Rams PC Standard

Unique 20 -N/A- -N/A- Titan Gauntlets
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Veruso's Battering Rams
Titan Gauntlets
Quality: +20%
Armour: (580-726)
Requires Level 69, 98 Str(8-13)% increased Attack Speed
(120-180)% increased Armour
(3-5)% increased Movement Speed
50% increased Stun Duration on you
4% increased Melee Damage per Endurance Charge
You cannot be Shock|Shocked while at maximum Endurance Charge|Endurance Charges
With unending determination and resolve he destroyed first the gates,
then the constructs guarding the tomb on the other side.
  • Rarity Unique
  • Quality 20
  • Drop Leagues -N/A-
  • Map Tier -N/A-
  • Base Item Titan Gauntlets

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