Volkuur's Guidance [PC Standard] -50%

Volkuur's Guidance PC Standard

Unique 20 -N/A- -N/A- Zealot Gloves
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Volkuur's Guidance
Zealot Gloves
Quality: +20%
Armour: 93
Energy Shield: 18
Requires Level 43, 34 Str, 34 IntAdds (16-20) to (25-30) Fire Damage to Spell|Spells and Attack|Attacks
+(50-70) to maximum Life
+(30-40)% to Fire Resistance
Your Fire Damage can Poison
50% less Poison Duration
Fire Skill|Skills have 20% chance to Poison on Hit
You do not cease to be when you die.
Any more than the caterpillar ceases to be when it coccoons.
Come, let me show you.
  • Rarity Unique
  • Quality 20
  • Drop Leagues -N/A-
  • Map Tier -N/A-
  • Base Item Zealot Gloves

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