Pokémon GO Level Boosting

Pokémon GO Level Boosting

1-20=16 Hours, 20-30=3 Days, 30-35=7 Days

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Minimum order size: 4.95$
Please choose higher boosting level or buy some other service, if you are below this number. 

We of course keep all pokemons (except dublicates) on your account caught during the service.

Table of ETA of the Service Delivery:

Pokémon GO Service ETA
Leveling 1-10 4-5 Hours
Leveling 10-20 12 Hours
Leveling 20-30 3 Days
Leveling 30-35 7 Days


Very Important:  Even if we do not advice you to login while service is ongoing, but we can not stop you. So please make sure if you have decided to login to check your progress, please make sure GPS is off on your phone because this will trigger a soft ban and make the boosting time longer.

Please note, ETA is approximate time of your delivery. It may vary from order to order and maybe completed before ETA or in some time after. In most cases it should not exceed the times specified above.

We will promptly notify you once your order is delivered by email. You can also check on your order status with our customer service department via livechat closer to the expecting delivery time.

Terms of the service:

  • We need your Pokémon GO account name and password to carry out the service on your account. Please provide account name and password in the order comment field during checkout or alternatively via our live chat. We advise you to change to a temporary password before placing the order to ensure that your true password remains confidential. That way we won't be implicated in any future issues with your account and you don't have to worry.
  • You are strictly forbidden to login to your account from the moment you have placed your order until we have completed it. We will send you an email when order is completed. You can also track your order on website if you have registered a user. Otherwise simply contact our live chat to get an update on order. 
  • We may need additional assitance to carry on the service and you will be contacted via email regarding this.


We to to great lengths to ensure your Pokémon GO service order is completed in safest way possible. We never use public proxies and we always use a unique ip address that matches your geo-location. Furthermore, we use a clean computer/Android emulators that has not been playing on any other Pokémon GO accounts. As long as you follow our rules and refrain from logging into to the game or the official website, your account will be perfectly safe and order completed on time.