Powerleveling - Lvl 1-90 [PC Version Only] -50%
All Classes Service Powerleveling

Powerleveling - Lvl 1-90 PC Version Only

As per ETA below

(Need to own PC version for the console service)

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How does it work?

Our professional gamers will log in your account and get you to the desired level in the quickest and most efficient way possible. No bots or any exploits used.

The service will include:

  1. Leveling up
  2. All important quests done
  3. Bug Duriel and Bug Andariel done. (Bug Baal can also be done on request)
  4. All waypoints in Hell difficulty activated.
  5. Free gear stays on the chracter where it is possible.
  6. Live stream available (On request).


ETA (From the moment we log in): 

1-60: 1-3 Hours
1-70: 2-5 Hours
1-80: 3-8 Hours
1-90: 48 Hours

PC only. If you play on console, you need to buy a D2R game code for PC then link your account so we can play it on PC.
Here is a guide how to link your console with your battle.net account.

  • Class (D2R) All Classes
  • Rarirty (D2R) Service
  • SubType (D2R) Powerleveling

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