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8x Ancient Spell: Pierce

Instant. (8 Spells via Mule)

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8 x Ancient Spell: Pierce: A spell that blasts enemies with the fiery force of a thousand suns.

Tier: ST
MP Cost: 80
Shots: 20
Damage: 53-115 (84)
Total Damage: 1060-2300 (1680)
Projectile Speed: 10
Range: 13
Stat Bonuses: +10 HP, +5 MP, +3 ATT, +2 DEF
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 500
Effect: Armor pierce - ignores defense of target
Drops From: None

Part of the Twilight Archmage Set.

Has so far only been made available through The Alchemist and does not drop yet from any enemies. If it follows the pattern of all the other ST Sets, it will most likely drop from either any boss in The Shatters or just the Twilight Archmage.

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