Legacy Etherite Dagger -15%

Legacy Etherite Dagger

Trickster 1x Yes
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Tier: ST Damage: 110-215 (Average: 162.5) Projectile Speed: 16 Range: 3.84 Rate of Fire: 110% Fame Bonus: 4% Feed Power: 500 While having the strongest damage and an increased fire rate (even greater than the Dirk Of Cronus), Most dagger classes, if you will risk it, can risk 1.76 range (depends on your dagger) in exchange for the heavy DPS. If you have a Rogue though, then it will fall into the correct hands as they can cloak in without too much fear, and get in closer.

  • RotMG Classes Trickster
  • Bulks 1x
  • ST Items Yes

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