Legacy Fairy Plate -15%

Legacy Fairy Plate

Warrior 1x Yes
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Tier: ST Stat Bonus: +40 HP, +40 MP, +20 DEF Fame Bonus: 4% Feed Power: 500 The Fairy Plate sees the highest level of practicality on Knights due to the increase in health and mana, while also retaining a decent amount of defense. Since Knights usually have 70 or more defense at max, which reduces enemies' attack damage by 70+ (to a max of 85% of the damage), the defense loss should not be a problem. This is also why most Knights opt for a health ring instead of a defense ring. The extra mana is also very useful as the stun is a very powerful ability that is costly in mana. Pair this up with a Ring of Decades, and you can achieve 1000 HP on any melee.
  • RotMG Classes Warrior
  • Bulks 1x
  • ST Items Yes

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