Realm of the Mad God FAQ

How do you deliver items and how long does it take?

You must contact our live accessible in lower right corner of website to arrange delivery of your order. We will meet you in Nexus on your server and trade the order over to your character. Delivery typically takes 5-10 minutes.

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How many potions and items do you have in stock?

We normally have everything listed in our shop in stock. However, stock fluctuates over the course of the day as orders are coming in and getting delivered. Should something be out of stock at the time of your order, you can rest assured that we always restock within 1 hour and will compensate you for any delays with a nice bonus.

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How do the maxed packs work?

First of all your character must be level 20 before you place your order. There are 2 ways for us to complete your order:

1. You provide us with account name and password and we login to your account, transfer all needed potions and max your stats. We will send you an email when we are done. This typically takes 30 minutes.

2. You contact our live chat and state your current stats. Then we trade the needed potions over to your character so you can max the stats yourself. This typically takes 30 minutes.

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Can I sell you my items?

If you can supply any needed item at any time, including large quantities of potions, then we are interested. We don't make one off deals. We are looking for suppliers that can work with us continuously and competently. Please contact our live chat to get more information.

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