RS Membership via Steam - 1 Month -59%

RS Membership via Steam - 1 Month

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RS Membership via Steam - 1 Month5 -60%

Tired of buying overpriced membership? You have come to the right place. We offer cheap and legal membership for great prices! They are acquired legitimately through Jagex's authorized retailer. 1 Month for only $4.99, save 50%+ than buying from Jagex directly.

This 1 month membership comes as a pack with our Steam account. We will provide you a brand new Steam account with the membership on it and you can link it to your Runescape account, once linked you will have the membership on your account. After redeeming, you can unlink the Steam. If your account is already linked to your own Steam account, please unlink it first.


How to redeem the membership?
Make sure you are logged out of the game completely (even from lobby) before linking! And after linked, check in-game if membership is received. If not please don't unlink the account and wait up to 30 minutes.

1. Go to and log in.
2. Choose Manage Steam, and enter your RuneScape credentials. Log in to Steam with the credentials provided to you after purchase or in your inventory at
3. Once you accept the Steam linking the membership will be added to your Runescape account. 
4. Unlink the Steam account once membership is received.

1. Is this legit?
Absolutely. The pack is offered by Jagex and Steam. It's the cheapest membership around, only $4.99/Month. Grab it while you can, it may be discontinued any time.

2. Can I buy multiple? 
Sure, the membership is stackable. Just link and unlink the steam accounts you received and you will have multiple months membership. There is no limit on how many months you can have.

3. Is there an expiration date?
No there isn't an expiration date before you link the Steam. 

4. Is there a bulk discount?
Yes, there is a 5% discount if you buy 5 or more.

5. How do you deliver the membership?
Once your payment is received and approved, you will receive the steam login information in your RPGStash inventory and order history.

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