Buy Runescape gold with PayPal

PayPalIt is easy to pay by PayPal here in our Runescape shop. You can buy Runescape gold with PayPal for old school or evolution of combat servers in the blink of an eye.

Via PayPal you can pay with credit, debit or prepaid card as well as PayPal balance. You can top up your PayPal account via bank transfer and then pay using your PayPal balance. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by card via PayPal unless your payment volume is too high or your card is already attached to a PayPal account.

We will guide you through the simple process below.


Step 1: Register your user account

You have a number of registration options accessible in the top bar of our website. You can either click the "log in" link and register a new account, or sign in directly with Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Choose the alternative that suits you best.


Step 2: Place your Runescape gold order

Navigate to the old school gold or standard gold category. Then add the quantity of gold you want to cart, move cursor unto cart which is situated in the top right of website, and click check out. Please observe that minimum order is 4.95 USD.


Once in check out, enter any relevant delivery information in the designated field and choose PayPal as payment method.

Step 3: Complete payment on PayPal website

Once you arrive at PayPal you are presented with the option to login to an existing account or pay directly with your card.

If your card already is added to an existing PayPal account you will have to login to that account to pay. If not, you can pay directly with your card without registering an account. For any non card payment options you will have to login to PayPal to pay.

Please observe that there is a limit to the number of transactions and amount of money you can spend without registering with PayPal. We recommend registering with PayPal to speed up the payment of future orders and remove any restrictions.

Also note that PayPal protects your card and bank account information. We do not have access to this information and can not charge your card or bank account on our own accord.

To protect ourselves from credit card fraud we normally verify our first-time customers with a personal phone call. In case of any doubt, we may also request digital photocopies of credit card and government issued id. You may hide your credit card number on the photocopy. We will only verify that name matches id. The received photocopies will be deleted as soon as your order has been verified. Read our privacy policy for more information.

Step 4: Contact live chat to arrange delivery of RS Gold

Contact our live chat accessible in lower right corner of website to arrange in-game delivery of your rs gp. We will deliver the Runescape money to your character via trade within 5-10 minutes from the moment we start chatting with you.

Congratulations. The Runescape gold is now yours and all it took was a swift PayPal visit.