RS3 Xmas Chest

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Get up to RS3 Christmas Scythe!

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Open RS3 Xmas Chest and get up to Christmas Scythe!

RS3 Xmas Chest features skins such as Christmas Scythe and Noxious Scythe! The full range of possible items are listed below.

how does it work?
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    RS Item is Selected

    OSRS item is selected by our software. You can order any quantity of your choice and get anything from the list below. Pool of items is automatically replenished every time.

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    Find Out Your Outcome

    After order is verified you need to reveal your outcome in Inventory section.

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    Receive Your RS Item

    After you have revealed your item you will have option to start chat straight from animation window to get your delivery sorted.

Product Terms and Conditions
  • Chest consists member's items, you need to make sure you can accept them.
  • The item shown when expanding the row in your inventory constitute the official and final outcome of the purchased product.
  • We do not guarantee that the visual outcome shown to you when you open the case in your RPGStash inventory is correct 100% of the time due to the potential interference of cache, lag, system load, and bugs.
  • We only guarantee that the item will be 1) selected by our software, and 2) displayed accurately in the expanded row of your RPGStash inventory.
  • After product is revealed customer has to accept its delivery without any option for refund, exchange or replacement.
  • By revealing outcome of this product, customer agrees on Product Terms and Conditions.
RS3 Xmas Chest Content
Approx. Outcomes Distribution
Possible Chest Features
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    Try our demo spin to see possible chances of outcomes!

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    Fair Chances

    We offer best variety and chances for rare items!

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    Instant Delivery

    We deliver your item within a few minutes after you have revealed it!

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