Pay with VISA card at

VISAFormed in 1975, VISA is one of the biggest electronic payment companies in the world with a complete range of credit, debit and prepaid cards.

The VISA network processes several trillion dollars each year, and the company holds roughly 50% of the debit and credit card market in the USA.

It is easy to pay by VISA here at It only takes a few minutes to place, pay for and receive your order. We will guide you through the simple process below.

Step 1: Register your user account

This step is optional. You can skip it and order as guest in step 2 below, but then you miss out on our loyalty program, and in case you place any more orders in the future you will have to fill out your details all over again. Long story short - registration is highly recommended.

You have a number of registration options accessible in the top bar of our website. You can either click the "log in" link and register a new account, or sign in directly with Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Choose the alternative that suits you best.


Step 2: Check out and select VISA

Once you are logged in, simply navigate to your store of choice via our top menu and locate the product you want to buy via the categories at display in the left sidebar. Then add the product to cart, move cursor unto cart which is situated in the top right of website, and click check out. Please observe that minimum order is 4.95 USD.


Once in check out, enter any relevant delivery information in the designated field and choose a payment option with the VISA icon such as PayPal.


Step 3: Enter your card details directly or login to your account registered with Payment processor

Once you arrive at the payment website you are presented with the option to login to an existing account or pay directly with your card.

If your card already is added to an existing account you will have to login to that account to pay. If not, you can pay directly with your card without registering an account.

Please observe that there is a limit to the number of transactions and amount of money you can spend without registering. We recommend registering and verifying an account to speed up the payment of future orders and remove any restrictions.

To protect ourselves from credit card fraud we normally verify our first-time customers with a personal phone call. In case of any doubt, we may also request digital photocopies of credit card and government issued id. You may hide your credit card number on the photocopy. We will only verify that name matches id. The received photocopies will be deleted as soon as your order has been verified. Read our privacy policy for more information.