Tibia Coins vs Gold

Complete Guide To Tibia Coins / Gold Exchange

Tibia is one of the oldest MMORPGs to date. Initially released back in 1997 Tibia will celebrate its 20th birthday in less than 2 years!

Tibia is a game originally designed for and still sporting a vibrant player driven economy. Originally all commodities in the game were exclusively looted or produced by players. However, in July 2015 after 18 years of player driven economy the Tibia coin was released. The Tibia coin is a micro transaction that the players can buy on the official website. Tibia coins can be used in 3 different ways:

  • You can purchase various perks and modifications for your character such as outfits, mounts, name changes and world transfers in the in-game store.
  • You can gift them to other players on any world via the in-game store.
  • You can exchange them for gold through the in-game market.

Depending on your country and payment method the Tibia coins may not be transferable for the first 6 months. This is a security measure taken by CipSoft to minimize fraud. You can only gift coins to other players or exchange them for gold once they are transferable. So without further ado lets look upon the Tibia coin and see it for what it really is. The transferable Tibia coin is a pay to win microtransaction that lets players buy gold by spending real money.

For anyone still confused about gold and coins we have put together a list detailing the differences between the two currencies:

  Tibia Coin Tibia Gold
Transferable Yes* Yes
Monster Drop No Yes
Can Buy Officially? Yes No
Available In-Game? No Yes

*Depending on payment method may not be transferable for 6 months.

You may be surprised to know that the value of Tibia coins in gold is much higher in some worlds than others. You can become much much richer by buying the same number of coins in a world such as Aurora compared to many other worlds . Below we supply current exchange rates across all worlds:

Server Type Coin Price In GP
Amera Open PvP 10100
Antica Open PvP 10301
Astera Optional PvP 11325
Aurea Open PvP 9050
Aurera Open PvP 17800
Aurora Open PvP 20020
Bellona Open PvP 9520
Calmera Optional PvP 10820
Calva Retro Open PvP 10200
Calvera Retro Open PvP 10200
Candia Optional PvP 11050
Celesta Optional PvP 10900
Chrona Retro Open PvP 2900
Danera Open PvP 9200
Dolera Hardcore PvP 5400
Efidia Open PvP 8900
Eldera Retro Open PvP 2500
Elera Open PvP 10000
Elysia Open PvP 11000
Fidera Optional PvP 10200
Fortera Open PvP 9550
Garnera Open PvP 10550
Guardia Optional PvP 10700
Harmonia Optional PvP 11000
Honera Optional PvP 11800
Hydera Open PvP 7700
Inferna Hardcore PvP 5900
Iona Open PvP 9500
Irmada Open PvP 9200
Julera Open PvP 9500
Justera Open PvP 10500
Kenora Open PvP 9900
Kenora Open PvP 9900
Kronera Open PvP 10300
Luminera Optional PvP 10300
Magera Optional PvP 11100
Menera Optional PvP 11300
Morta Retro Open PvP 2900
Mortera Retro Open PvP 6200
Neptera Open PvP 9400
Nerana Optional PvP 11676
Nerana Open PvP 11100
Olympa Optional PvP 11310
Pacera Optional PvP 11450
Pythera Open PvP 10000
Quilia Open PvP 10400
Refugia Optional PvP 11500
Rowana Open PvP 9770
Secura Optional PvP 10200
Shivera Open PvP 10400
Silvera Open PvP 10400
Solera Open PvP 10000
Tenebra Open PvP 10400
Thera Open PvP 11300
Umera Open PvP 10800
Unitera Optional PvP 11200
Valoria Open PvP 9700
Vinera Open PvP 9800
Xantera Open PvP 10600
Yanara Open PvP 9600
Zanera Open PvP 9545
Premia Open PvP 10500

Now that 4 months have passed since the introduction of the coin there is a nagging question that needs answering:

Why has not the grey market disappeared or shown any sign of retreat?

There will always be a grey market in MMORPGs as long as players can exchange goods and/or services because:

  • It is less cumbersome and much faster to buy gold directly on the grey market compared to first buying coins and then gold with the coins. Especially when factoring in the 6 month delay imposed for most payment methods in the official Tibia store.
  • All players love the idea of getting real money in return for all the time they have spent grinding the game and players can always undercut official prices when they sell off their valuables. This in combination with the fact that CipSoft has not managed to tackle the bots that swamp the game explains the large and steadily replenished quantities of affordable gold on the grey market.
  • Players prefer to buy on the grey market without any intermediaries because it makes the game feel more real.
  • There is very little conflict between the grey market place and the official market place because they cater to different players with different goals and backgrounds. The more Internet savvy players will always scan the grey market for bargains and specific products and services unavailable via official channels while less experienced as well as more charitable players will always go by official channels. The markets are complementary and makes the game more enjoyable for players of all levels and principles.

CipSoft is not the first game company to have introduced indirect exchange of in-game gold for real money. They grey market is huge and many game companies have given up on fighting it and done the most profitable thing - made a full turnaround. In big games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, and EVE Online similar exchange schemes were introduced long before it came to Tibia and the grey market is still going strong in all of them. It should be noted that at one point in time when the game company Jagex was still fighting real money trading they introduced a trade limit in Runescape preventing quick wealth transfer between players. However, this did not stop the grey market because there are always workarounds. The only thing it accomplished was to alienate players from the game they used to love. Thus, the device that the game companies behind these games have all finally taken to heart is: If you can’t fight it, join in on it.

Ultimately, money talks and bullshit walks and the grey MMORPG market is here to stay. In Tibia as well as in the rest of the games.