White Mage - Combat Gear Set [HQ iLvL 610, Unmelded] -20%
Combat Unmelded White Mage HQ iLvL 610

White Mage - Combat Gear Set HQ iLvL 610, Penta melded

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You will receive the following items:

  • HQ i610 Weapon
  • HQ i610 Armor Set
  • HQ i610 Accessory Set
  • Available to All Servers (EU, NA, JP, OCE)


Melding Setup:

All items will be fully melded (it means item has materias). We will meld recommended stats for your class. If you have specific request or melding setup, please let us know.

  • Type (FFXIV) Combat
  • Melding (FFXIV) Unmelded
  • Class (FFXIV) White Mage
  • Gear Level (FFXIV) HQ iLvL 610

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