WoW Classic Gold 1G [EU/Wyrmthalak/Alliance] -7%

x WoW Classic Gold 1G [EU/Wyrmthalak/Alliance]

EU Wyrmthalak Alliance

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Buy WoW Classic Gold and rock your game! We offer quick delivery and plenty of gold across all World of Warcraft Classic servers (NA, EU, Oceania)!

How do you deliver my WoW Classic order?

Normally we deliver via In-game Mailbox and send the gold directly to the name of the character you filled at the checkout. However, there are few other options to deliver your order (which can be used and depends on stock and our supplier):

- Face to Face Delivery in the game: We login into the game to meet you at a specific meeting point to proceed to the delivery. Therefore, you need to be online at the same time as us to receive the order.

- Auction House: You add items on the auction with a duration of 48 hours for the buyout and provide us with exact details of your auction, so we can buy them out.

Why to buy Wow Classic Gold?

WoW Classic Gold is the in-game currency (dominated in gold coins) in World of Warcraft (Classic version). By using this currency, you can buy a lot of different items in the World of Warcraft Classic, and that will help to progress you fast through the game by saving a lot of time on grinding WoW Classic Gold. To name a few of such WoW Classic Items: gear, upgrades, mounts, materials, and plenty of other stuff.

Can I get banned for buying Wow Classic Gold?

We are not affiliated with the game developer, so we can not guarantee their actions. However, it is in our interest to keep our customers safe and come back to us. We are making all transfers as safe as possible, and as a result, we have not seen any of our customers being banned for all the time we helping to make WoW Classic experience smoother!

  • WoW Region EU
  • WoW Server Wyrmthalak
  • WoW Faction Alliance