The TzRek-Jad (Jad Pet) [OSRS TzHaar Fight Cave] -34%

The TzRek-Jad (Jad Pet) OSRS TzHaar Fight Cave

 7-15 days

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We get you the one of the best OSRS Pets - The TzRek-Jad! - Also translated as Baby Fire Elemental

Delivery, days: 7-15 (estimated, for account safety we do not do it 24/7)


  • Decent ranged armor and lots of supplies (ammo, potions, food)
    Minimum Ranged Level: 50+
    Recommended Ranged Level: 70+
  • Prayer Level: 43+
  • HP Level: 50+
    $10-25 might be charged if your ranged is below 70.
  • Service product - security tips:

    • Our verified service providers have deposits with us to match your Bank Value (varying from 100M to 5B). But we recommended to keep it under the reasonable value (500M).
    • Bank PIN is needed - we will do many fire cape runs and need to use bank.
    • You don’t have to turn off Authenticator, but for a quicker service we advise to disable it temporarily.

    For extra peace of mind:

    • In case Bank PIN is required for the service: Use temporary Bank PIN and change it after the service.
    • Password: Change your Password after service and never use the same Password twice.
    • Authenicator: If you choose to keep Authenicator that is also ok. But please be available to provide the security code via the Livechat. In case our service team is not available at the time to start the order, will email you once we are.

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