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❤️ What Our POE Customers Say
Is the RPGStash PoE Store legit?

Yes, is a legit, well-recognized, and steadily growing company that started in 2004 as D2 Store (legacy version). Since then, we have consistently met the needs of our 200.000+ customers. But, of course, our business would not exist without the exceptional care taken in our delivery and product safety. To prove it, we have fully transparent third-party review ratings on Trustpilot and security certificates from TrustedSite. You can read more about the history of RPGStash in this blog post. And be sure to check out the Assurance page to learn more about our impeccable reputation.

Is it safe to buy PoE Items from RPGStash?

Lets answer this important question in 3 parts.

About your data security. Here at RPGStash, our priority is to ensure that our customer's personal and transaction data are safe and that privacy is respected. Therefore, we have applied several procedures to fight online fraud and protect customers. Furthermore, we are a European registered company complying with all local and global policies.

About in-game transfers and services. At RPGStash, we have taken all necessary steps to protect order handling. Our customer's data will never be abused or revealed externally. While there are game development companies that do not allow in-game trades. We successfully avoid the risks by utilizing various methods/tricks for each game. That said, you can be sure there are no bots or spamming practices. Our 200.000+ customers aren't mistaken; with almost 20 years in business, we are still here and growing every day. Read our story here.

About the post service. At RPGStash, we run several internal screening stages to ensure our customers are satisfied. In addition, we have the independent review service of TrustPilot which gathers feedback from our customers. Naturally, we respect and appreciate every review (even the unhappy ones), as our goal is to improve continuously. Customers also have the option to contact the RPGStash manager directly through our contact form should they require immediate attention.

How can I buy PoE Items?

1. Select PoE Items, Orbs, or Services for the current League or Standard in our PoE Store.
2. Place an order on the website and pay with your preferred payment method.
3. After approval, your order status will change to Ready for Delivery.
We will notify you via email about your order status, so keep an eye on your email inbox, including your spam folder. Delivery is arranged via Livechat.

How do you deliver my PoE Items?

Delivery in PoE is straightforward and safe! We will provide all the required details:
0. DO NOT talk about buying and selling during ingame chat.
1. We will whisper to you in-game with an invitation to join our party.
2. Visit the hideout
3. Put random rare items into the trade window.

How long does it take to deliver my PoE Items order?

Unlike other PoE shops, we deliver most of the Path of Exile orders within several minutes, but in some cases, it may take longer for the following reasons:

- PoE servers are overloaded
- Order contains a lot of different items
- Ordered items are difficult to get or have a limited supply
Good news: 99.99% of our orders are delivered within 1-2 hours (on rare occasions, up 12 hours).

Do you offer PoE delivery for the consoles like PS, XBOX or Switch?

We deliver Path of Exile orbs and items on PC platform. Divine Orbs are also available on PS and XBOX platforms.

Can I ask for specific variables for the item I want?

Yes! We usually provide you with a range of stats upon request, and although we cannot guarantee to have max stats for a particular item, we will do our best!

I want an item but it’s not available in your PoE store :(

No problem :) Please email our PoE manager with your suggestion at [email protected]. If it’s a valuable item, we can most likely add it to our selection within 24 hours.

Do you sell items on Hardcore?

Currently, we do not have a selection of Items and Orbs available in our Hardcore PoE store, but we do take requests. Please send an order request to our PoE manager at [email protected], and we will get back to you within 24 hours about the availability of the requested items.

I have seen a cheaper PoE shop. Can you match their price?

We do not offer price matching at the moment. Our focus is to provide a high-quality service for our customers who value delivery speed and security. You will find a long wait time for delivery when you order from a cheaper shop. Sometimes an eternity. You may also end up with your game account banned or have purchased goods retracted.

Here at RPGStash, we put lots of continuous effort into keeping ourselves and our customers secure and well stocked. This adds to the price tag, but it's worth every cent to order from us if you are serious about gaming.

Do you feature a loyalty program, discounts, bonuses, rewards or special campaigns?

Yes! We offer promos, bonuses, cashback, and even freebies!

Click to learn more about our promotions and Level Up XPerience page.

Why doesn't my Prepaid / Debit / Credit Card work?

1. Please ensure the following is correct: card number, name, and any security information required during checkout (including 3DS* secure).

*3DS or 3D-Secure is the secure protocol designed to ensure enhanced security and strong authentication for customers using debit and credit cards online.

If you do not know your 3D-Secure passcode or password and you are not given the option to enroll online via the bank’s pop-up screen, then you will need to contact your bank.

2. Try another card processor at checkout. We highly recommend PayPal as they have a 95% success rate compared to other card payment methods.

3. If your bank has declined the transaction for security reasons, please contact your bank to see if they can help you resolve any issues, then try again.

In case none of the above rectify the situation, there are a couple of other possibilities to consider:.

- If you are paying by debit card, you may have reached your predefined spending limit or run out of funds. Contact your financial institution to find out.

- If you are paying as an unregistered user via a payment gateway such as PayPal, you may have also reached the spending limit for unregistered users. In that case, it is best to register and verify a PayPal account to continue making payments.

How can I contact you?

The fastest way to reach us is via live chat, which you can access from the Live Chat tab on the right-hand side of the website. You can also email [email protected].

How do your chest products work?

Our chests are special interactive products each containing a unique range of items. The exact items depend on the particular chest. After you have purchased a chest you need to go to your inventory page to open it and reveal the item inside. Once item has been revealed you will be provided with delivery instructions. The item contained in the chest is delivered the same way we deliver regular products in the game in question. Delivery is typically arranged via our live chat. In order to receive and use your revealed item your game account must meet all in-game requirements for that particular item.

How do you complete PoE service orders?

How service is performed in Path of Exile:
1. Provide your login information at the checkout.
2. Our Pro Booster will securely log in to your account with your country VPN and issue you a two-factor code.
3. Provide us with that code via Livechat to begin your service!
4. Please do not log in to the account during boosting because it will interrupt the process and compromise delivery time.

🔥 POE News

+50% XP Weekend

15th of September, 2023

By using coupon code "XP50" for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid through September 17th, so make sure to you place your orders in time!

Trial of the Ancestors Hideout Competition!

10th of September, 2023

GGG is launching a Hideout Competition! The winners will be rewarded with great prizes, including physical items and hideout decorations for further creations. If you enjoy creating hideouts, be sure to participate!

The Trial of the Ancestors introduced ten Karui Chieftains and further expanded the lore about the gods they follow, so this time we encourage you to build hideouts themed around the Karui gods:
-Tukohama, Father of War
-Hinekora, Mother of Death
-Ngamahu, Mother of Fire
-Valako, Father of the Storm
-Tasalio, Father of Water
-Tawhoa, Father of the Forest
-Ramako, Father of Light
-Rongokurai, Father of Night
-Arohongui, Daughter of the Moon
-Kitava, Father of Chaos

To participate in the competition, select a god (or several gods) from the list above and create a hideout that represents their theme clearly. As an example, a hideout inspired by Kitava can be bloody and distorted, while Ramako's hideout could be filled with life and light. Enjoy creating your hideout!

Trial of the Ancestors League is now live!

25th of August, 2023

We are so happy to see a lot of the players returning to Path of Exile for its new patch, Trial of the Ancestors. Over the past week there were steadily 100k+ concurrent players online, the game is as big as ever!

Rpgstash's POE store already up and running in the new league, so feel free to check out our live selection! Our prices have been greatly reduced to make sure we offer the cheapest POE Currency on the market!

+50% XP Weekend

11th of August, 2023

By using coupon code "XP50" for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid through Aug 13th, so make sure to you place your orders in time!

ExileCon is Live, Twitch Drops are coming!

28th of July, 2023

Very soon ExileCon is starting, where everything there is to know will be revealed about Path of Exile 2 and the upcoming 3.22 POE Expansion!

The official livestream begins at 2:30PM Friday 28th July (PDT) or Jul 29, 2023 12:30 AM (GMT+3) with a 30 minute pre-show. The keynote presentation will begin at 3PM Friday 28th July (PDT) or Jul 29, 2023 1:00 AM (GMT+3). You can follow the countdown timer on the front page if you’re unsure - the keynote starts when this countdown ends!

There will be Twitch Drops for the viewers of ExileCon watching live on Twitch. You will be able to receive these by linking your Path of Exile account to your Twitch account and watching any ExileCon livestream at or in the Path of Exile category.

To receive the Raven Demon Wings, you will need to watch any channel streaming ExileCon for at least one hour between Jul 29, 2023 1:00 AM (GMT+3) and Jul 29, 2023 2:30 AM (GMT+3).

To receive the Heartseeker Portal you will need to accumulate four hours watch time on any ExileCon stream over the weekend, ending at Jul 30, 2023 8:00 AM (GMT+3).

+50% XP Weekend

14th of July, 2023

By using coupon code XP50 for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid through July 26, so make sure to you place your orders in time!

Exilecon news!

30th of June, 2023

Exilecon is getting close and closer, and so are lots of exciting news about Path of Exile 2! Developer presentations about PoE2's Items, Bosses, Skills and more coming. Stay tuned on July 29-30 on this great event and let's watch together how our beloved game will unfold!

ExileCon and big announcements are coming on the 29th of July!

9th of June, 2023

ExileCon will take place on the 29th of July at 1:00 AM (GMT+3). There will be a livestream of the event, so you can watch it online!

A lot of exciting news will be announced, including Path of Exile 2 launch date, the 3.22 expansion for Path of Exile 1, and Path of Exile: Mobile will also be showcased! Make sure not to miss the event!

+50% XP Weekend

19th of May, 2023

By using coupon code XP50 for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid throughout May 21, so make sure to you place your orders before!

PoE Crucible League is the most popular ever!

6th of May, 2023

POE's new, Crucible League has accumulated a record number of players! At the peak of the league launch, almost 210k players were playing simultaneously! April has also been a record breaking month for the game, with a 68.5k avg. player count (previous high was 51k players in 2018 december)

We are very happy to see the success of this great game, and have been working hard on getting the best deals ready for you! Our prices have been greatly reduced to make sure we offer the cheapest POE Currency on the market! Check out our Divine Orb and Mirror prices to see it for yourself!

Let Rpgstash take care of your ingame wealth and enjoy the game to its fullest!

New League is live, 10% Off!

21st of April, 2023

Dear fellow Exiles,

The 3.21 Patch and the new Crucible League is live, and so are our offers and services! This weekend we are offering 10% OFF for any 30$+ order. Just use the coupon code: POE10 at checkout!

The offer is valid through April 23, so make sure to you place your orders in time! Rpgstash is always ready to fill your orders, so just relax and enjoy the game ;)

+50% XP Weekend

14th of April, 2023

By using coupon code XP50 for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid throughout April 16, so make sure to you place your orders before!

New patch launch: PoE Crucible!

7nd of April, 2023

We are happy to see record number of players joining the new Path of Exile league called Crucible! Rpgstash is ready to serve you in the new league already, so if you are looking to make quick progression with your new characters, just buy any amount of Divine Orbs from us and trade items you seek in the game.

All you need to do is just enjoy the new PoE patch Content and have fun, let Rpgstash take care of the rest!

3.21 Patch Reveal

24th of March, 2022

Dear fellow Exiles,

The new 3.21 Patch's content is about to be revealed on Thursday March 30th at 8PM GMT Time. The most recent 3.20 patch was a huge success and a favourite of many POE players, so we except nothing short of that for the next one! We will update on the patch notes as they are available, so stay tuned!

As always, Rpgstash will be ready to fulfill your orders already on day 1 of the new league!

+50% XP Weekend and Ruthless with Gold event

10th of March, 2023

By using coupon code XP50 for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid throughout the weekend, so make sure that you place your orders as soon as possible!

The new event, Ruthless with Gold is a four-week, trade-enabled, non-hardcore event that is both an opportunity to experience what Path of Exile would have been like with gold, while also letting you try out a slightly easier version of Ruthless. Players who have been keen to give Ruthless a shot but haven't wanted to do that at a major league start can use this event as a chance to try it out.

To join the event, simply click the "Join" button for Ruthless with Gold in the bottom right of the Character Select screen once you've logged into the game.

+50% XP Weekend

3rd of February, 2022

By using coupon code XP50 for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid throughout the weekend, so make sure that you place your orders as soon as possible!

+50% XP Weekend

20th of January, 2022

By using coupon code XP50 for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid throughout the weekend, so make sure that you place your orders as soon as possible!

New Year's sales are here!

31st of December, 2022

Dear Customers, we gladly announce the New Year's crazy price reductions! Check out our new currency and item prices and get the equipment you are looking for within minutes at the cheapest prices!

Get ready to rock the game by using Rpgstash's Services! Instant delivery, 100% legit, 24/7 live customer support!

The Forbidden Sanctum, new League has been started!

11nd of December, 2022

We are so happy to see everyone diving into The Forbidden Sanctum! Earlier today servers reached a peak concurrent player count of 213,480. Thanks so much to everyone who joined the party so far and playing with this awsome game. The new Ruthless mode looks hard, but that has never been a problem for a PoE player. Enjoy the new Poe 3.20 patch and have fun. Rpgstash store already offering some important currencies and we will add more soon.

New Path of Exile League coming soon!

2nd of December, 2022

The new Path of Exile patch, The Forbidden Sanctum will be released on the 9th of December. At Rpgstash our goal is to be the first shop offering Divine Orbs, Exalts and Mirrors to our customers. We will be ready to serve you right from the very first day of the new league, so check back and see our live selection shortly after the league start!

November 21 - Delirium Everywhere event

18th of November, 2022

A new, exciting POE event is coming up soon!

Almost every campaign and endgame map area will have permanent Delirium fog, ranging randomly from 10% to 100% Delirium with the minimum and maximum level of Delirium scaling with the level of the zone. This way, some lower level encounters won't be impossibly difficult and higher level encounters won't be incredibly easy. This has all the usual effects — monsters getting buffed, new monsters spawning, reward bars filling with kills, and Simulacrum splinters dropping. To avoid spam-refreshing areas being the best strategy, each area always has the same Delirium percentage, and Delirium reward types are randomised each time they drop.

POE November Events

4th of November, 2022

In the weeks leading up to the 3.20 expansion, there will be three events for players to challenge themselves in three unique ways. All events will be available for both PC and Console, so everyone is welcome to join in! Each event will have a Standard, Standard Solo Self-Found, Hardcore and Hardcore Solo Self-Found versions that you can play in except for Endless Delve, which only has Standard Solo Self-Found and Hardcore Solo Self-Found versions.

November 4 - Mayhem event
The Mayhem event takes classic Path of Exile league modifiers from Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Harbinger, Delirium, and Scourge and pushes them to the extreme.

November 14 - Endless Delve
You begin the event in the Mine Encampment and cannot leave the Mine. All you can do is Delve. All sulphite costs have been removed, and the Mine scales from level 1 instead of its usual scaling. While previous Endless Delve events have been won by the player that reached the greatest depth by the end of the race, this Endless Delve event will be won by the first player in each ascendancy class to depth 600.

November 21 - Delirium Everywhere
Almost every campaign and endgame map area has permanent Delirium fog, ranging randomly from 10% to 100% Delirium with the minimum and maximum level of Delirium scaling with the level of the zone

3.20 Expansion will arrive later than expected!

22th of October, 2022

As the end of 2022 approaches, we wanted to take a moment to let you know what to expect in the coming months and over the end-of-year holiday period. GGG decided to move our 3.20 expansion launch date back from late November to early December.

End-of-League Events
Because the 3.20 expansion delay extends the Kalandra League by a few weeks, GGG is planning to host a series of short events towards the end of the league! GGG will announce these in more detail at a later date but we can share that the first of the event series will launch on November 4th (PDT). There will be around 2-4 events with a variety of twists on regular Path of Exile gameplay with plenty of prizes up for grabs for top racers and regular players alike. Each event will likely run for a week or less. The events are similar to ones that we have run in the past, but with a few tweaks and updates. Keep an eye on the news for more info.

CoC Forbiddden Rite Occultist Build is waiting for the battles!

7th of October, 2022

Over the coming weeks, we'll be showing some nice and unique builds created by our team. This week's build features the new Cyclone skill to destroy enemies with a few clicks! Checkout the showcase under PoE Services / Builds. In short words, this build is one of the most tanky build which easy to play with.

How does this build work?
Use Cyclone to dealing damage and proceed Forbidden Rite. Cast Withering Step skill to buff and de-buff monsters. For PoE boss killing, you should use Molten Shell to protect your character from the stronger ones.

What will you receive?
You will receive all the gears and gems to be able to play this build. You will no longer suffer from the buildup process. Start with the new content.

Top Currencies Bundles!

23th of September, 2022

Let me introduce you our new product in RPGStash PoE store: the Top Currencies Bundles. These bundles contain the three main orbs (divine orb, chaos orb, exalted orb) what you need to craft those unique rare beauties which can cut through minions like a hot knife cut through butter.

There was also a patch, 3.19.1c what contains some further small changes to the Lake of Kalandra expansion and also bug fixes of both small- and medium-importance. You can read the details on the official webpage of PoE.

Lake of Kalandra's Builds are ready for the battles!

16th of September, 2022

Over the coming weeks, we'll be showcasing some cool and unique builds created by our team. This week's build features the new Lightning Conduit skill to annihilate enemies in a barrage of lightning bolts! Checkout the showcase under PoE Services / Builds. We offer two builds one is for yellow and the other one is for yellow and red maps.

How does this Lightning Conduit build work?
Cast Orb of Storm for applying shock effect and use Lightning Conduit to detonate and dealing damage.

What will you receive?
You will receive all the gears and gems to be able to play this build. You will no longer suffer from the buildup process. Just jump right into the new content.

New patch and Price Reduction!

9th of September, 2022

In the upcoming days patch 3.19.1 will be deployed, which addresses things such as balance changes to Archnemesis and Eldritch currency, as well as improvements to the Lake of Kalandra.

Meanwhile we have greatly reduced our currency prices! Buy now, and get it below any competitor's price!

New League Selection is available!

26th of August, 2022

Dear Fellow POE Players,
Our Lake of Kalandra selection is now complete, Orbs and Currencies are available at the best prices!

We are fully stocked and ready to deliver your orders within 5-15 minutes! Buy Divine Orbs, Mirrors and Exaltsat unbeatable prices!

POE Patch 3.19 Lake of Kalandra News

18th of August, 2022

We are excited to announce that the new 3.19 patch, Lake of Kalandra will be launched tomorrow.

Rpgstash is fully prepared for the patch, and we will have currency available already within the first day of the new league!
As usual, our delivery time is 5-15 minutes, and you can always contact our 24/7 customer support with any questions. We wish you an exciting league start, and are looking forward to serve you over the new league!

POE Patch 3.19 News

2nd of August, 2022

A new expansion of Path of Exile, Lake of Kalandra will be launched on August 19th on PC and on August 24th on Xbox and PlayStation. The Sentinel League will end on the 16th of August. PoE Lake of Kalandra will contain the hardest challenges, but the rewards will be bigger than ever. The 3.19 Path of Exile patch will introduce a new passive skill called Untiring, and three base item types to the game. The new Bone ring, Calling Wand and Convening Wand are perfect for those players who like to summon minions during their gameplay.

Rpgstash will have POE Currency available on the first day already to support your gaming experience!

Read Even More POE News...

Free SC Mixed Orbs Chest

8th of July 2022

We are running a Free Mixed Orbs SC Chest promotion for orders over 20 USD in Standard (Coupon: POEMIS), or over 20$ in Sentinel League (Coupon: POEMIL).
Currency prices have also been decreased, and now we are happy to announce we added our POE Item selection ;)

Don't hesitate, just grab the items you want now!

Free Mixed Orbs Chest

17th of June 2022
Dear Customers and Fellow POE Players,

We are running a Free Mixed Orbs Chest promotion for orders over 20 USD in Standard (Coupon: POEMIS), and over 40 USD in Sentinel League (Coupon: POEMIL).
Meanwhile we also lowered our currency and item prices, so don't hesitate to check out our selection!

Wish you a happy grinding - The Rpgstash Team ;)

We are ready for Sentinel League!

13th of May 2022
Rpgstash is happy to announce that our team is completely ready and prepared for the Sentinel league!

We will start accepting and instantly delivering your POE orders within 24 hours from now!
Buy Exalted and Chaos Orbs and make the strongest characters right from the League's start!

Path of Exile Store is getting refreshment!

2nd of May 2022
We are fully reworking our product selection for the Path of Exile store. Stay tuned for a completely fresh look, navigation, products, promos and much more!

Hardcore SSF Race event now live!

6th of April 2022
A Hardcore Solo Self Found (SSF) Race event called Zizaran’s Gauntlet has started on the 1st of April! Racers will level their characters and kill extremely challenging bosses to earn points and see how they measure up.
Racers will have an opportunity to earn huge rewards! The cash prize pool is at 10k $ now and will keep growing until the end of the Event! Make sure not to miss out, and be prepared for the hardest challenge in Path of Exile history!

POE Store is Launched!

15th November 2019
Now we are happy to announce that we have started our services and products for the Path of Exile game. Stay tuned for more products to come!
About Path of Exile Currency
Path of Exile uses a total of 23 Currencies, and to a certain extent, players can exchange with each other to form its unique PoE Currency system. Among them, Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb are the main POE Currency in circulation. The PoE Trade Currency include Fusing, ALC, Chaos, GCP, EX, ET, and more.

Divine Orbs

Divine Orb currency item is your key to fine-tuning the attributes and properties of your equipment. By altering the numerical values of affixes, you can optimize and customize your items to suit your playstyle. Transform ordinary gear into extraordinary artifacts that truly reflect your strategic prowess.

Exalted Orbs

Exalted Orb can be used in POE to enhance a piece of rare equipment with a new random affix, and most high-value trade transactions are listed as Exalted Orbs, considered by players as the "gold standard" currency for trading high-value items, including Headhunter Chase items like Mageblood belts, and Watcher's Eyes that roll well.

Exalted Orb is one of the three big orbs alongside Chaos Orbs and Mirror of Kalandra, but Exalted Orb is mostly used to craft high-end rarities. Players can use Orbs directly to add a random affix to a rare item without affixes, or they can pay a fixed amount of Exalted Orbs through Crafting Bench to add high-end affixes.

How to get Exalted Orb fast? POE Exalted Orb is a rare currency item. Players can obtain noble orbs by downgrading the mirror of Kalandra, the rarest POE Currency in the game. To improve efficiency, players can safely buy PoE Currency Exalted Orb from RPGStash POE Store, 24/7Live Chat.

Chaos Orbs

Chaos Orb Reforges a rare item with new random properties that can be used to reroll random modifiers on rare gear. Modifiers obtained by using multiple Chaos Orbs on the same gear are called "Chaos spamming" and considered by players as the "silver standard" currency for trading low-to-mid-range items.

Chaos Orbs have a high monetary value in POE construction, these path of exile orbs also play an important role in trading and are one of the three most commonly used currencies for players in POE. The other two are the Noble Orb and the Mirror of Kalandra, both of which are very rare. Players can quickly buy PoE Orbs Chaos Orbs at the RPGStash POE Store.

Other POE Currency

Regal Orb: A Regal Orb is a currency item that can be used to upgrade a piece of magic equipment to rare. The current modifiers are all retained and one new random affix is added.

Blessed Orb: A Blessed Orb is a currency item that can be used to re-roll values of the implicit modifiers on a piece of equipment.

Orb of Fusing: An Orb of Fusing is a currency item that can be used to re-roll the links between sockets on a weapon or piece of armour. The colour and number of sockets remain unchanged.

Chromatic Orb: A Chromatic Orb is a currency item that can be used to re-roll the colour of sockets on a weapon or piece of armour.

Orb of Alchemy: An Orb of Alchemy is a currency item that can be used to upgrade a piece of normal equipment to rare.

In addition to this, RPGStash has more PoE Currency for sale. If you are a beginner player, you can follow RPGStash to read more POE Guides, or you can buy Path of Exile Currency directly from to complete PoE builds faster and meet more powerful challenges.

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RPGStash has been providing services for players since 2004. Over the past 18 years we delivered more than one million orders to our 300k customers. If you are looking to buy POE currency and items from a trusted seller, look no further, we keep thousands of exalted orbs, several Mirror of Kalandra, tens of thousands of chaos orb, fusing orb, regal orb, jeweller’s orb, orb of alchemy, orb of regret, orb of scouring, orb of transmutation, orb of alternation, divine orb, chromatic orb, vaal orb, and many other currencies and items on stock.

Get Your Exalted and Chaos Orbs within 5 minutes!

Path of exile is a free to play online ARPG game. It has a unique barter trade system where you can buy items for currency orbs (Exalts, chaos, etc) at the official trade site. Exalted and Chaos orbs are the most popular currencies for trading or storing ingame value, they are the “gold” of POE. Orbs can be used not just for trading, but for crafting aswell -you can easily create strong items with them.

We constantly keep big stocks of every popular currency. After placing an order, we will be able to deliver it within minutes, contact you ingame, invite you to our hideout, and give you the ordered items through the trade window.
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