Privacy Policy below referred to as we respects your privacy rights and recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information - as outlined below - that you provide us with. This privacy policy describes how and why we collect, store and use the personal information you provide us with and the actions you can take to access, correct or delete this information. By using this website you consent to the information management practises described herein. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time in accordance with our terms and advice you to review it on a regular basis.

Your account and orders

When you register an account or place an order at RPGStash certain basic information will be collected from you and stored in our database. Your email, first name and last name, date of birth, address, phone number, IP location and time stamps will be collected and used to electronically contact, address and help you as a customer. Additionally, if you choose to stay logged on to your registered account, a cookie will be stored on your computer.

Besides a manual registration you can login via Facebook in which case the email address and name registered with your Facebook account will be stored in our database together with an automatically generated and completely random password. When you login via Facebook we will also find out whether you have liked our Facebook fan page or not.

Should you wish to terminate your account with us you must contact our live chat or send an email to [email protected] instructing us to do so. Your account including all personal information will be deleted within 24 hours.

Social sharing and feedback

You can share our content on various social networks and websites and leave your feedback. We advice you to review the privacy policy of any such network and website to ensure that it is to your liking. When you comment on products, news, and guides via facebook, a link to your profile will be made publically available in the comment. Prior to commenting, we advise you to make sure that only the information you are willing to share about yourself is publically viewable on the social network in question.

You can also like our Facebook fan page in which case your profile photo and a link to your profile may be featured in our Facebook widget in the right sidebar. It will most likely only be displayed to your actual Facebook friends in the event that they visit this website. If you don't want this you must unlike our Facebook fan page.

Live Chat

Everything that is written in the Live Chat will be stored on our server together with your IP location. Any information you provide us with in the pre chat survey will be stored as well. Only we have access to this information and we screen it regularly to control that our customer service is satisfactory and that deliveries have been carried out in case of a dispute with a customer. Our Facebook page is also connected to our live chat application so if you message us on Facebook the message will be stored on our live chat server. All communication to and from our live chat server is encrypted with 2048-bit SHA256 and we employ the highest safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to server.

Verification of PayPal Payments

When you make a purchase via PayPal we will collect various information to help us verify the legitimacy of the payment. Specifically, phone number, IP location and shipping address will be automatically collected and used for this purpose. Your card information is protected by PayPal and consequently not accessible to us. We will call each new customer that has made a PayPal payment on the provided phone number and we will ask them to do an email confirmation. If the phone verification call fails, for instance if nobody answers or if the person trying to confirm the order is a minor, we may request digital photocopies of back & front of credit/debit/prepaid card or bank account statement and government issued ID to be emailed to us. We advise you to hide the number on the credit/debit/prepaid card. We will only verify that the card is current and that its name matches the ID. Please observe that photo, name, year, and month of birth on photocopy of the government issued ID must be clearly visible. The photocopies will be permanently deleted from our system as soon as your order has been verified or refunded which may at the most take 3 days. Bear in mind that these measures are taken solely to protect everyone involved from unauthorized transactions.

Delivery information

In case an order necessitates delivery to your in-game account, we will collect your in-game account name during checkout, or alternatively via live chat or email. In case an order necessitates direct access to your in-game account, we will collect your in-game account name, password and pin codes (if applicable) during checkout, or alternatively via live chat or email.

Order status

We will use your email address to send you updates on your order status, receipt of purchase and confirmation of delivery. Your order status is also accessible on this website via the order history section of your registered account. If you have placed an order as a guest you can track that order using our guest tracking. Your order reference must be used to access the guest tracking.

Links to other websites

There are several places throughout our websites where we link to third party websites that do not operate under this privacy policy. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of all third party websites.


We will send you weekly offers via email in case you have manually signed up for our newsletter, placed an order with us and/or registered a user. If you place an order with us or abandon cart we may also send a one off followup email offering time limited discount. The content of our emails will be based on your order history and game preferences and will only pertain to services accessible on our website. You can opt out of advertisement at any time by clicking the one-click unsubscribe link at the bottom of any such email.

If you like us on facebook or follow us on twitter or we will regularly send you advertisements in your newsfeed for services accessible on this website as well as general online gaming info. You can opt out of receiving any such info by unfollowing or unliking us.

Additionally, when you visit our website there will be a cookie stored on your computer that will allow us to target you with our ads when you visit any website that shows Google advertisements. This cookie has an expiraton time of 30-90 days. You can opt out of our advertisement on Google and it's search partners by changing your personal google ads settings.

There is also a cookie stored on your computer that allows us to advertise directly in your facebook newsfeed. This cookie has an expiration time of 60-180 days depending on if you ordered something or just visited the website. You can opt out of this advertisement by clicking on the check mark icon situated at top right of ad.

Storage and security

We protect the privacy and integrity of the information we collect by employing appropriate administrative protocoles, technical safe guards and physical security controls. The information we collect is stored on computers located in a controlled, secure facility protected from physical and electronical unauthorized access, use or disclosure. We transmit the information used by our external service providers for the specific outsourced operations listed above across public and private networks via recognized encryption technologies, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you input.

Although we follow the procedures outline above, no method of transmission over the Internet or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Thus, while we employ commercially available means to protect your information, we can not guarantee its absolute security.

Removing your information

If you wish to delete your account registered with us and/or any order information you must first prove ownership of the email address registered with your account or associated with the orders in question. After that we may need up to 3 days to process the request.

Compliance with legal authorities

To enforce our or a customer's legal rights, in compliance with local, state, federal and international law, we may disclose information to law enforcement agencies.

GDPR Addition to Privacy Terms

At, we are committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of our customers in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The following additional provisions outline how we comply with GDPR regulations:

1. Lawful Basis for Processing: We will only process personal data when we have a lawful basis to do so, such as the consent of the individual or the necessity of processing for the performance of a contract.

2. Purpose Limitation: We will only collect and process personal data for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes. We will not use the data for any other purposes that are incompatible with the original purpose for which it was collected.

3. Data Minimization: We will only collect and process personal data that is necessary and relevant for the purposes outlined. We will not retain the data for longer than necessary.

4. Data Accuracy: We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data we hold is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Customers have the right to request correction of any inaccurate or incomplete data.

5. Data Security: We have implemented technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, accidental loss, destruction, or damage. We regularly review and update these measures to maintain the highest level of data security.

6. Individual Rights: Customers have the right to access their personal data, rectify any inaccuracies, request erasure of their data, object to processing, and request data portability. We will promptly respond to such requests in accordance with applicable law.

7. Data Transfers: If we transfer personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we will ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place. This may include using Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission or relying on the Privacy Shield Framework, where applicable.

8. Data Breach Notification: In the event of a data breach that is likely to result in a risk to individuals' rights and freedoms, we will notify the affected individuals and the relevant supervisory authorities as required by GDPR.

By incorporating these provisions into our Privacy Terms, we aim to ensure that our data processing practices align with the requirements of GDPR, providing our customers with enhanced privacy rights and protections.

Contact information

You may contact us at [email protected] if you have additional concerns about our Privacy Policy.