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Roblox StoreFAQRoblox StoreFAQ
Is the RPGStash Roblox Store legit?

Yes, is a legit, well-recognized, and steadily growing company that started in 2004 as Roblox Store (legacy version). Since then, we have consistently met the needs of our 200.000+ customers. But, of course, our business would not exist without the exceptional care taken in our delivery and product safety. To prove it, we have fully transparent third-party review ratings on Trustpilot and security certificates from TrustedSite. You can read more about the history of RPGStash in this blog post. And be sure to check out the Assurance page to learn more about our impeccable reputation.

Is it safe to buy Roblox Items from RPGStash?

Lets answer this important question in 3 parts.

About your data security. Here at RPGStash, our priority is to ensure that our customer's personal and transaction data are safe and that privacy is respected. Therefore, we have applied several procedures to fight online fraud and protect customers. Furthermore, we are a European registered company complying with all local and global policies.

About Roblox Items transfers and services.

At RPGStash, we have taken all necessary steps to ensure order handling is protected. Our customer's data will never be abused or revealed externally. We successfully avoided any possible risks by utilizing various methods/tricks when trading Roblox Items. Therefore, it's 100% safe to buy Roblox Items from That said, you can be sure there are no bots or spamming practices. Our 200.000+ customers aren't mistaken; with almost 20 years in business, we are still here and growing every day. Read our story here.

About the post service. At RPGStash, we run several internal screening stages to ensure our customers are satisfied. In addition, we have the independent review service of TrustPilot which gathers feedback from our customers. Naturally, we respect and appreciate every review (even the unhappy ones), as our goal is to improve continuously. Customers also have the option to contact the RPGStash manager directly through our contact form should they require immediate attention.

How can I buy Roblox Items?

1. Select any Roblox Items in our Roblox Store.
2. Place an order on the website and pay with your preferred payment method.
3. After approval, our delivery worker will prepare your items and update your order status to Ready for Delivery when it is ready. We will notify you via email about your order status, so keep an eye on your email inbox, including your spam folder. Delivery can be arranged via Livechat or email.

How do you deliver my Roblox Items?

Delivery in Roblox is straightforward and safe! We will provide all the required details via Livechat:

On PC: the game name and its password so your character can join the game and trade with us.

On Consoles (Mac, iOS, Android and Xbox): we will add you as a friend and then invite you to trade.

How long does it take to deliver my Roblox Items order?

Unlike other Roblox shops, we deliver most Roblox orders within several minutes, but in some cases, it may take longer for the following reasons:

- Roblox servers are overloaded
- Order contains a lot of different items
- Ordered items are difficult to get or have a limited supply
Good news: 99.99% of our orders are delivered within 1 hour (on rare occasions, up to a few hours).

Do you do Roblox delivery for consoles like PC, Mac, iOS, Android or Xbox?

Sure! We deliver Roblox for all platforms. Just choose your platform at the checkout.

Can I ask for specific variables for the Roblox Items I want?

Yes! We usually provide you with a range of stats upon request, and although we cannot guarantee to have max stats for a particular item, we will do our best!

I have seen a cheaper Roblox shop. Can you match their price?

We do not offer price matching at the moment. Our focus is to provide a high-quality service for our customers who value delivery speed and security. You will find a long wait time for delivery when you order from a cheaper shop. Sometimes an eternity. You may also end up with your game account banned or have purchased goods retracted.

Here at RPGStash, we put lots of continuous effort into keeping ourselves and our customers secure and well stocked. This adds to the price tag, but it's worth every cent to order from us if you are serious about gaming.

Do you feature a loyalty program, discounts, bonuses, rewards or special campaigns?

Yes! We offer promos, bonuses, cashback, and even freebies!

Click to learn more about our promotions and Level Up XPerience page.

Why doesn't my Prepaid / Debit / Credit Card work?

1. Please ensure the following is correct: card number, name, and any security information required during checkout (including 3DS* secure).

*3DS or 3D-Secure is the secure protocol designed to ensure enhanced security and strong authentication for customers using debit and credit cards online.

If you do not know your 3D-Secure passcode or password and you are not given the option to enroll online via the bank’s pop-up screen, then you will need to contact your bank.

2. Try another card processor at checkout. We highly recommend PayPal as they have a 95% success rate compared to other card payment methods.

3. If your bank has declined the transaction for security reasons, please contact your bank to see if they can help you resolve any issues, then try again.

In case none of the above rectify the situation, there are a couple of other possibilities to consider:.

- If you are paying by debit card, you may have reached your predefined spending limit or run out of funds. Contact your financial institution to find out.

- If you are paying as an unregistered user via a payment gateway such as PayPal, you may have also reached the spending limit for unregistered users. In that case, it is best to register and verify a PayPal account to continue making payments.

How will the seller deliver the items?

Option 1: In-game, Face to Face Delivery

Sellers will choose this delivery method when they plan to meet your character in-game using one of their own characters. Typically, the seller will arrange a specific time and location within the game to facilitate the meeting with your character.

Option 2: In-game Mailbox Delivery

Some sellers may opt for delivering gold or items directly to your in-game mailbox. While less common for larger games like WoW, it remains a viable option for other games. This approach is particularly convenient for smaller orders as it eliminates the need for coordinating a specific delivery time.

How can I contact you?

The fastest way to reach us is via live chat, which you can access from the Live Chat tab on the right-hand side of the website. You can also email [email protected].

πŸ”₯ Adopt Me Pets News

+50% XP Weekend

1st of December, 2023

By using coupon code "XP50" for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid through December 7th, so make sure to you place your orders in time!

+50% XP Weekend

17th of November, 2023

By using coupon code "XP50" for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid through November 19th, so make sure to you place your orders in time!


21th of September, 2023

This week, we’re showing off one of our very own Adopt Me toys - the Aviator Kiwi plush! Adopt them in-game and IRL thanks to our toy partner, Jazwares 🧸

Check out the Adopt Me x Jazwares toy line with your favorite pets like the Neon Unicorn, Bat Dragon, and Dodo!

Read Even More Adopt me Pets News...

+50% XP Weekend

11th of August, 2023

By using coupon code "XP50" for 20$+ orders, you will receive +50% Free XP with your order! The offer is valid through Aug 13th, so make sure to you place your orders in time!

Roblox is now available on RPGStash!

18th of July, 2023

Dear RPGStash fans,

We are thrilled to announce that our Roblox Store has been launched! You can now buy Roblox Robux, Roblox Items, and Roblox Accounts! We are doing our best to provide you with the widest selection of Adopt Me Pets, Pet Simulator X, and Murder Mystery 2 services at the cheapest prices! Stay tuned, as more Roblox games and an ever growing selection of items and services are about to be released on RPGStash!

Dedicated to serve you for all your ingame needs!
The RPGStash Team

About Adopt Me Pets

Adopt Me is a popular online video game on the Roblox platform. In the game, players can experience virtual pet ownership and social interaction by adopting, raising virtual pets, trading items, and engaging in various activities. Players can personalize their pets, decorate their homes, and participate in events and challenges to earn rewards.

How to Get Adopt Me Pets

Adopt Me Pets can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as hatching eggs, gifting events, trading with other players or purchasing them with in-game currency. In addition, Adopt Me offers a number of Events and Quests, the completion of which may earn pet rewards, including common pets such as dogs and cats, as well as more rare and exotic pets such as dragons and unicorns.

The rarity and acquisition methods of different pets may vary. Some pets may require more effort and time to obtain, so players will need a certain amount of patience to continue participating in game activities. Additionally, to get a specific pet or learn about the latest ways to get it, you'll need to know the pet list and upgrade requirements.

Pet List and Level Up Requirements

Common Pets
Newborn – 3
Junior – 6
Pre-Teen – 11
Teen – 16
Post-Teen – 20
Full Grown – 56
Neon – 224
Mega-Neon – 826

Uncommon Pets
Newborn – 5
Junior – 9
Pre-Teen – 13
Teen – 18
Post-Teen – 25
Full Grown – 70
Neon – 280

Rare Pets
Newborn – 10
Junior – 20
Pre-Teen – 30
Teen – 40
Post-Teen – 50
Full Grown – 150
Neon – 600
Mega-Neon – 2400

Ultra-Rare Pets
Newborn – 12
Junior – 25
Pre-Teen – 36
Teen – 47
Post-Teen – 58
Full Grown – 78
Neon – 712

Legendary Pets
Newborn – 13
Junior -26
Pre-Teen – 38
Teen – 50
Post-Teen – 62
Full Grown – 189
Neon – 756
Mega-Neon – 3024

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When you buy Adopt Me Pets, choosing the right platform is crucial. RPGStash is a trusted online gaming product purchasing site that offers a variety of virtual products, including Adopt Me Weapons.

Trustworthiness and Security: RPGStash is committed to provide a secure purchasing environment to keep your account and payment information safe. We have security measures in place to prevent fraud and unauthorized access so you can shop with confidence.

Wide selection: RPGStash has a rich inventory of virtual goods, including various Robux packs and Adopt Me Items to meet the needs of different players. RPGStash supports the sale of Adopt Me Items on different platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Xbox, so all players can get a satisfactory shopping experience here.

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Instant Delivery: RPGStash offers cheap Adopt Me Pets for sale with fast delivery, ensuring you get your purchased Robux or items as quickly as possible so you can use them in Roblox immediately.

Purchasing Adopt Me Pets can significantly enhance your gaming experience on the Roblox platform, allowing you to personalize your character, gain gaming advantages, and engage with the Roblox community. Make sure to choose a trustworthy seller to ensure the safety of your virtual goods and funds. Using RPGStash for purchasing Adopt Me Pets is a smart choice as it offers security, wide selection, and professional support to suit your needs.

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