Are you affiliated with any developers/publishers?

Not at the moment. All services accessible on RPGStash are provided by gamers for gamers.

Is RPGStash shop legit?

Yes, RPGStash.com is a legit, well-reputed, and steadily growing business. We have been meeting the needs of tens of thousands of customers since our inception in 2004 and we have got fully transparent third party review ratings and certificates to prove it.

How can I contact you?

Our live chat accessible on the right hand side of the website. If LiveChat widget is not displayed please try to click here to start the chat.

You can also email [email protected] but response time may not be as fast.

I have seen a cheaper shop. Can you match their price?

We do not do price matching at moment. Our focus is to provide a high quality service for customers that value delivery speed and security. When you order from a cheaper shop you will find that you normally have to wait a long time for your delivery. Sometimes an eternity. You may also get your game account banned or have your purchased goods retracted when you order from a cheap shop. Here at RPGStash we put lots of continuous effort into keeping ourselves and our customers well stocked and secure and this adds to the price tag. If you are serious about your gaming, then it's worth every cent to order from us.

How do I place an order?

First you must register a user account. Then navigate to your game of choice using the "Select Game" drop down menu at the top left. Choose a category in the left sidebar to access the available game services, add what you want to cart, move cursor to cart - located at the right hand side of the website header - and click checkout to proceed with payment. Please observe that minimum order is 1 USD! You can choose among a variety of instant online payment options. If you are a first time customer paying with card or PayPal we will call you on your provided phone number before we process your order. Read more about all our featured payment options here.

How do your chest products work?

Please read our Chest FAQ.

What payment options are there?

You can pay by PayPal, debit card, credit card, prepaid card, paysafecard, Bitcoin, webmoney, SMS, phone, mobile, cash, bank transfer, iDEAL, Bancontact Mister Cash, and a variety of other options. You can also top up your prepaid balance using micro payments such as SMS or phone and then pay from that balance in our checkout. Read more about our payment options here.

Why won't my prepaid / debit / credit card work?

Make sure you are entering all information correctly. In case it still does not work there are a number of possibilities to consider. Not all cards are supported by payment gateways such as PayPal. Typically only VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express will work. If you are paying by debit card you may also have reached your predefined spending limit or simply run out of funds. Contact your financial institution to find out. If you are paying as an unregistered user via a payment gateway such as PayPal, you may also have reached the spending limit for unregistered users in which case the remedy is to register and verify a PayPal account to continue making payments.

Why won't we accept a friend or family member's debit/credit card?

As a financially regulated company we need to ensure we know the identity of our customers, and this includes the source of the funds you pay with. We prohibit anyone who isn't named on the card from using it to protect ourselves from fraudulent orders. If the authorized cardholder is unaware and later finds out about a card purchase we risk a chargeback.

Why am I getting a blank page after clicking "pay now" button in your checkout?

This is likely happening because your shopping cart exceeds the maximum allowed payment amount for the payment method you have selected. Try to checkout with less value in shopping cart or select another payment method. These strict limits only apply to a few payment methods such as paysafecard and it is fairly unusual that the limits comes into play but nonetheless we apologize for the inconvenience.

Why do you need verification before delivering orders?

We verify new customers paying with card or PayPal to protect ourselves from fraudulent payments. Identity theft and credit card fraud can easily bring an e-commerce website to its knees if kept unchecked. Customer verification is explained in full in our Terms and Conditions of the website.

What alternatives are there to verification?

Unfortunately, there is no way verification for new customers paying with card or PayPal. If you don't want any verification you can use some other payment options instead such as Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Western Union and others.

Do you feature loyalty program, discounts, bonuses, rewards or special campaigns?

Yes we do all of the above. Click and read more about our promotions and Level Up XPerience.

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