Outlaw Rogue Guide - WOW Dragonflight

16.12.2022 - 12:40:27
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Outlaw Rogue Guide - WOW Dragonflight

Are you feeling like playing a Rogue that fears nobody and jumps into combat? An assassin that uses one-handed weapons to fight in open combat to unleash a flurry of attacks against one or many enemies? In that case, Outlaw Rogue might be the Rogue DPS specialization for you.

Outlaw is the same as the rest of the Rogue specs, it uses Energy to attack targets. It is, at it’s core, a builder and spender class, with your spenders being Finishers on a Rogue. Outlaw is a fast paced spec that has a high APM requirement, it has the iconic Blade Flurry ability, allowing you to do AoE damage by continuing your single target rotation on a target instead of having to change your rotation for AoE and sacrifice single target damage.

Why play Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw rogue has Strong AoE damage against up to 5 targets and against up to 8 if talented, all while doing their regular single target rotation thanks to Blade Flurry

It’s a fast paced spec with a high required APM with a lot of abilities to press. It’s built around a lot of continuous cooldown reduction via Restless Blades so you will always be pressing something.

As a Rogue, it has the same mobility and utility that every specialization of Rogue does and they are all equally incredible.

Exceptional survivability thanks to Feint, Cloak of Shadows, Evasion and Crimson Vial

Very good group utility for Mythic+ in the form of Shroud of Concealment, Sap, Blind and Gouge

There are a few downsides to Outlaw:

Outlaw Rogue is reliant on cooldown reduction through Restless Blades, because of this Outlaw suffers the most from downtimes and being unable to hit the boss/mobs with abilities.

At the mercy of DPS tuning because many other classes can do the utility things equally or better than we can

Blade Flurry is unfortunately target capped to 5, increasing only to 8 with talents.

As well as the RNG element from Roll the Bones

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The basics of Outlaw Rogue gameplay

Outlaw Rogue is similar to many other specs in that it has the same similar Builder/Spender gameplay loop, augmented by your cooldowns and your abilities. Outlaw centers itself around high APM gameplay and lots of additional keybinds, Roll the Bones is a core spell which might be a turnoff for some due to the inherent nature of the specializations RNG in its damage output, but as an Outlaw Rogue you have access to many tools throughout the talent tree to help mitigate and minimize that variance. Outlaw is a spec that is entirely centered around the usage and maintenance of it’s cooldowns and buffs. The decision to re-roll Roll the Bones when it comes off cooldown or holding your current buffs and waiting for it to time out will depend on each buff and the current situation you’re in.

Playing around Roll the Bones will quickly become automatic as you start to watch and manage your resources and cooldowns more effectively.

Most of your cooldowns obtain CDR from Restless Blades and are all constantly getting lowered by spending Combo Points. Utilizing this cooldown reduction is the key to playing efficiently.

Outlaw Rogue Utility

Outlaw Rogue and just Rogue in general has access to an incredible amount of utility in the form of:

  • Cloak of Shadows is effectively full spell immunity and has an incredibly wide array of uses and purposes, most efficiently to solo mechanics that would otherwise require the rest of your group to get hit.
  • Evasion is an extremely effective defensive cooldown as well as functionally identical to Cloak of Shadows but for physical attack damage rather than spells. It will find a lot of use in dungeons and in raid to dodge physical damage mechanics.
  • Shroud of Concealment is incredibly useful - it will shroud your entire party in stealth and allow them to pass by and around mobs that would otherwise have to be killed, saving your potion cooldown for DPS rather than an invisibility potion. This is a massive benefit and cannot be understated in its impact.
  • Sap is incredibly useful as a 60 second incapacitate that does not start combat to disable a single mob out of a dangerous pull or an inspired mob out of a Mythic+ dungeon pack.
  • Kidney Shot is an incredible stun that, while expensive in its cost of lost DPS due to lost combo points, is something that you can use to control just about any mob.
  • Gouge is a single-target incapacitate that is useful to stop a cast and on a very low cooldown to be used frequently.
  • Blind is a single target disorient causing the target to wander for 60 seconds. It is useful in the same way that Sap is useful - to remove a mob from a scary pull or pack or add in a boss fight for a whole minute.
  • Crimson Vial is a potent self heal on a short cooldown that will see a lot of use to make it significantly easier to stay alive in combat
  • Vanish is just as much of a defensive for threat or stopping casts on yourself that are otherwise uninterruptible just as it is an offensive cooldown and will see frequent and often use especially with the CDR you gain on Vanish from Restless Blades.
  • Rogue in general will always have access to Cheat Death, an incredible defensive that significantly reduces damage taken from an otherwise lethal hit and allows you to survive an incredible amount of mechanics that would kill any other player without an immunity.

Outlaw Rogue is a complex class with more nuance than can be explained in any one single guide, make sure you’re reading the spells in game and spending time with the training dummies to get familiar with them and their use and keep an eye out for more guides from.

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