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  • 14.10.2022 - 07:25:27


    Game Guides , Madden NFL 23

    Madden NFL 23: MUT Training Points Guide

    Madden 23's online multiplayer mode, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), is the most invested by players. To gain an edge in MUT, you must form your own elite team, use training points to improve your team, and of course you can create your team by purchasing player cards with ...

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  • 27.09.2022 - 05:19:43


    Madden NFL 23

    Madden NFL 23: Must-Read Tips for Beginners

    With the opening of Madden NFL 23, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) remains the most popular mode. In this mode, complete challenges that are usually shorter than the full game to earn MUT 22 Coins and other rewards like Player Cards. For many, Madden is a season tradition, ...

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