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  • 18/06/2022 17:25:37 | Categories : Game Guides , RPGStash Blog

    The Heart for Ukraine (Editorial)

    We are (as business) want to note why we have a heart in the shape of the Ukrainian flag on the website logo.   Whoever reads this is probably aware of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Sadly, this time is not about the games. It is not about who is right or wrong, East or West. It is not [...]

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  • 14/03/2022 12:42:31 | Categories : Game Guides , RPGStash Blog

    The History of RPGStash

    The Story of RPGStash - A 20 Year Retrospective   The Beginnings   Our story starts in 2000, 4 years prior to Rpgstash.com’s launch. Our founder was a student in Sweden who spent most of his time grinding in Diablo 2. One day he realised that in-game items could be sold for real money, so h [...]

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  • 04/03/2016 18:38:15 | Categories : Game Guides , RPGStash Blog

    When Hero becomes Villain

    A world overrun by heroes leaves little room for villains. In modern entertainment ranging from movies to games, the villain is always a suggestive figure whose evildoing lies in the past and/or awaits in the future. In the here and now the villain has a plan, a past, or an evil look to him [...]

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  • 21/03/2015 18:42:16 | Categories : Game Guides , RPGStash Blog

    3 Reasons to Play Old School Runescape

    Since its restoration on February 22 2013, Runescape Old-school is back to how it was in early August 2007 when it kept hundreds of thousands of players busy. With 449,351 players voting for its return, old school Runescape will be subscription only for the first 6 months (5 USD per month) and [...]

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  • 07/12/2014 18:48:04 | Categories : Game Guides , RPGStash Blog

    The Future of the Multiplayer Online Game

    Games have been around since times immemorial. Since long before humans appeared on the scene. Playing games is an archaic and primal activity. It’s something that the young of many if not all species do. At its core, the game is an exploration of the environment and oneself. The outcome is s [...]

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