Enchantress Sorceress Build Guide D2R 2.6

18/10/2022 18:38:34
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Enchantress Sorceress Build Guide D2R 2.6

Enchantress Sorceress Introduction

The Enchantress Sorceress is a very unique sorc build with the primary purpose of helping party members and mercenaries by casting a high level enchant on them, allowing them to deal a huge amount of fire damage and receive a massive attack rating boost. It has a very chilling playstyle, its primary attacking skill is Meteor, but due to the lack of available skill points Meteor’s synergies cannot be maxed.

The gear for the build is quite expensive as you will need to reach a high level enchant which is only doable in high fire skills/ All skills equipment. Due to the previously mentioned reasons, the Enchant Sorc is only effective in parties. Another benefit it can bring to the table is its decent teleportation speed, allowing quick Baal and Chaos Sanctuary runs for the whole team.

Unfortunately the build is not fit for magic finding, however with the introduction of the new Sunder Charms, it is capable of dealing with any game content, especially with an Infinity-wielding mercenary. Enchant sorcs doesn’t have great survivability, but with 75% allres you will very rarely die if you are careful enough. Because of this, I do not suggest the build for Hardcore, unless you plan to stay in town while the others benefit from your Enchant skill.



Attacking skills: You will use Meteor as your main attacking skill. While you won’t be able to deal massive amounts of damage, it is enough to solo kill most monsters.

Movement: Obviously you will be moving via teleport. It is possible to reach any breakpoint except for the 200% FCR one, so your teleportation speed will be quite fast, making the build ideal for Countess runs.

Survivability: Unfortunately the Enchantress doesn’t have great survivability. Yet you can boost your chances of staying alive by wearing a Chains of Honor, reaching 75% all resist with charms, or wearing a Stormshield for defensive purposes. The build is not fit for Hardcore. A Call to Arms will greatly improve your survivability, so investing in one will be worthwhile. Make sure to always have Frozen Armor and Energy Shield casted on yourself.

Party and Solo play: This build is made for party play. You can cast Enchant on party members, which has the potential of boosting their fire damage by 6-8k, and multiplying their attack rating. Bowazons, melee Barbarians, Melee Paladins and Melee Druids will be very happy to be in a party with you. For low level character levelling, having an Enchant casted on the low level char allows it to one-hit pretty much anything. By utilizing this opportunity, a low level character can farm the Secret Cow level from very low levels, allowing it to level up very quickly.

Magic Find: The build is not fit for magic finding.



Strength: Have 156 strength in total to be able to wear a Spirit Monarch as your main shield.

Dexterity: Put just enough points on it to be able to wear your equipment

Vitality: Put all your remaining points on Vitality

Energy: Don’t put any points on it

Skill Points

Fire Skill Tree:

  • Max out Warmth
  • Put a point on Enchant’s prerequisites
  • Max out Enchant
  • Max out Fire mastery
  • Max out Meteor
  • Lastly, max out Fire ball


Lightning Skill Tree:

  • Put a point on Energy Shield’s prerequisites
  • Put a point on Energy Shield


Cold Skill Tree:

  • Put a point on Frozen Armor


Enchantress Sorc Gearing Options



  • Flickering Flame Runeword Helm ➤ Besides the +3 to fire skills and the -10-15% Fire resistance, it compensates for any Fire Sunder charm’s minus resistance


  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope ➤ The best choice for balanced defense and offense.
  • Crafted amulet ➤ 2 Sorc skills +20% FCR amulets are the best offensive choice


Body Armors

  • Chains of Honor ➤ The best armor to improve resistances
  • Ormus’ Robes ➤ The best offensive choice, try to get one with +3 to Meteor
  • Skin of the Vipermagi ➤ An optimal choice if you need more FCR
  • Tal Rasha’s Guardianship ➤ A decent choice at early ladder, especially for Magic Find
  • Skullder’s Ire ➤ The best Magic Finding option.
  • Stealth Runeword ➤ A good budget ladder starter.



  • Eschuta’s Temper ➤ The optimal weapon of choice for FCR, +Skills and +Fire Damage



  • Spirit Monarch ➤ +2 skill and +35%FCR are ideal for any sorc


Switch Weapons

  • Call to Arms ➤ Almost doubles survivability with Battle Orders, every build needs a CTA.
  • Switch#2 Enchant Orb ➤ Try to get an orb with +3 fire skills and +3 to enchant to pre-buff your team and mercenary


Switch Shields

  • Spirit Monarch ➤ Boosts Call to Arms’ Battle Orders and Battle Command and your Enchant



  • Raven Frost ➤ Great for avoiding being Frozen



  • Magefist ➤ The best offensive gloves
  • Chance Guards ➤ The optimal gloves for Magic Finding



  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord ➤ Great defensive belt
  • Arachnid Mesh ➤ The best offensive belt choice
  • Nightsmoke ➤ A decent budget ladder starter.



  • Triple resist 30% FRW boots ➤ The best choice for survivability
  • War traveler ➤ The obvious choice for Magic Finding



  • Annihilus ➤ A must have item for every build.
  • Sorceress Hellfire Torch ➤ Another must have item.
  • Fire Sunder charm ➤ Another must have item to remove immunities
  • +1 to Fire skills grand charm ➤ If you can afford it, try to have them with +life. +FHR 
  • + All resistances small charm ➤  If you can afford it, try to have them with +life.
  • + Life small charm ➤  If you can afford it, try to have them with +mana.
  • + Lightning resist small charms ➤ They help to compensate for the fire Sunder charm
  • Magic find small charm ➤ Use it for MFing purposes



  • Fire Rainbow Facet ➤ The best choice for damage boosting.
  • Ist rune ➤ The best choice for Magic Finding.
  • Um rune ➤ Use it for allresist boosting if needed.
  • Perfect Diamond ➤ Can use it instead of Um runes in shields and helms.



Have an Act2 mercenary with Holy Freeze aura for crowd control.

Ethereal items don’t lose durability if your mercenary wears them, so having ethereal item bases for each gear slot is preferred due to the increased defense on armor items and increased damage on weapons. In many instances ethereal items that are great for mercenaries will be much more expensive than non-ethereal ones.

Mercenary gear:


  • Any 3 socketed helm with 3 perfect diamond  ➤ increase mercenary resistances and survivability
  • Tal Rasha’s set helm  ➤  a decent choice
  • Vampire Gaze unique helm -  ➤ another decent choice
  • Andariel’s Visage unique helm ➤ the best helm choice, socket it with 15%IAS Jewel



  • Insight runeword  ➤ provides meditation aura so you never run out of mana
  • Tomb Reaver unique weapon ➤ the highest damage choice
  • Infinity runeword ➤ the best choice for offense


Body Armor

  • Treachery runeword ➤ great for both defense and offense, a budget choice
  • Fortitude runeword  ➤ the best choice for both defense and offense


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