Fire Mage Guide - WOW Dragonflight

16.12.2022 - 12:50:27
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Fire Mage Guide - WOW Dragonflight

Fire Mage is one of the many ranged DPS specializations in Dragonflight and it is always arguably one of the most potent. It has access to tools and abilities and utility that when used correctly, place you above the rest of the ranged specs. 

During your cooldown windows, it is an incredibly fast paced spec with every global cooldown filled, Fire has a very clear and rewarding playstyle and is difficult to master while also being incredibly punishing to get wrong. If a powerful Mage that wields the power of Fire, Frost and Arcane is something that interests you and you’re willing to learn the class, this guide is for you. 


Why play Fire Mage

Fire Mage is an incredibly strong class in a countless amount of ways. The burst and sustained damage you can deal is competitive with any specialization and the game and Fire can cleave on stacked targets, gaining overall damage without sacrificing much in the way of single-target damage, you can do it all. Fire also has access to potent AoE damage and incredible uncapped AoE DPS. As all Mage specializations do, Fire has high mobility and is fantastic at dealing with mechanics that demand movement and losing very little. Fire Mage has also good execute DPS and is good in single-target or AoE settings.

The downsides of playing a Fire Mage are few and far between, but it is important to know that Fire doesn’t have any spread cleave or multi-dot capability so the mobs must be close together, as well as having no way to do good consistent cleave damage as all of your damage revolves around your ignite and offensive cooldowns in an AoE setting. 


The basics of Fire Mage gameplay

The basics of Fire Mage gameplay at a fundamental level are simple and straightforward: Chain critical strikes to trigger Hot Streak and then spend your Hot Streaks on Flamestrike or Pyroblast.

The main way you’ll do this is by converting Heating Up procs into Hot Streak via your guaranteed crit from Fire Blast. Most of your time will be spent casting Fireball and converting the critical strikes from that via Fire Blasts into Hot Streaks, and using those on Pyroblast or Flamestrike

Fire mage is one of the only specs in the entire game that has access to spells that can be cast during other casts, Fire Blast is the main one you will be casting in this way, however Combustion can also be cast during other spells and you will use it that way frequently. 

Combustion is Fire’s major DPS cooldown, which allows for a period of incredible burst AoE or single target by causing all of your spells to critically strike, allowing you to build and spend many Hot Streak procs quickly in a short period of time.
Fire Mage and it’s performance as a whole is reliant on your effective and efficient use of Combustion and management of Heating Up and Hot Streak procs, and will always be the focus of your gameplay.


Fire Mage Utility

Fire Mage has access to an incredible amount of utility and a significant portion of it goes towards benefitting your group and the people you’re playing with as well. The utility and cooldowns you have access to as a Fire Mage and Mage in general are significant in impact and will find a place in nearly any group or raid in the game. To name them:

  • Arcane Intellect is a big boost to the Intelligence main stat for both other caster DPS in the group, as well as additional healing for the healer.
  • Time Warp is a required cooldown for any mythic+ group and any raid group. You will always want someone with this group-wide haste buff and mage is an incredible class to bring for it.
  • Remove Curse can be useful to dispel curses in both a raid context and a dungeon context. A good mage will be quick to dispel curses to help their group as it makes an incredible difference.
  • A fire mage has a lot of abilities that hold some kind of crowd control potential in the form of Dragon’s Breath which is a disorient, Polymorph which is a single target CC for 60 seconds, Blast Wave which functions as a knockback and as a slow, Ice Nova which is a ranged ability that roots enemies for 2 seconds or even Mass Slow.
  • Mage also has access to Ring of Frost, which lasts for 10 seconds and each enemy that walks into it not only gets frozen in place for 10 seconds, but when broken out of the freeze they are slowed by 65% for 4 seconds. This slow is incredibly useful, creating a gap for your tank or anyone else to kite away from mobs that would otherwise deal damage to them and be completely safe to do so. A great Mage will look for every opportunity to use this ability.
  • Spellsteal can be useful in some dungeons to remove dangerous buffs off of enemy targets as well as occasionally selfishly used to gain a significant DPS boost, frequently in the form of a Haste, Casting Speed or damage buff. 
  • Frost Nova has an incredible amount of utility even though it’s damage is quite poor and you will find yourself casting this in nearly every dungeon.
  • Fire Mage has a cheat death in Cauterize, which allows them to solo mechanics that would otherwise require more participation and every cheat death in the game has incredible value for this purpose
  • Fire Mage also has access to Ice Block, which is an immunity to any and all damage for 10 seconds and is used in a similar way to your cheat death. You can solo mechanics in raid or dungeons that would otherwise require massive participation, saving not only the potential healing from your healers but also the dps they would lose from having to help you. 

All in all, Fire Mage is an incredible class with a nearly unlimited amount of potential and is an amazing addition to any group and to any raid and when playing one, you won’t struggle to get into groups for dungeons or for raid.

Keep an eye out for more guides to come, we’ll go over the Fire Mage combustion rotation, we’ll go over the talents, and gearing in future guides, good luck!

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