Ultimate Goldfind Barbarian D2R Build

25.02.2023 - 12:32:13
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Ultimate Goldfind Barbarian D2R Build

Barbarians have long been a favorite of Diablo II players, and for the adventurer that likes to hoard gold to barter and gamble with, this guide will help you build the Ultimate Gold Find Barbarian. With the right strategies and items, you can build a Barbarian that takes on Travincal with ease, and boasts excellent gold find capabilities.


The Warcry tree is the most important for a Gold Find Barbarian. The skills to max out for this tree include:









Battle Cry


Battle Orders


War Cry


Battle Command


Find Potion


Find Item


For Combat Masteries, max out Increased Stamina, Increased Speed, Ironskin, and Natural Resistances. These are the essential skills for both survivability and gold find.

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The stat points should be allocated thusly:




As much as it takes to wear armor




All remaining points





To make the best use of your gold find capabilities, the gear you should seek out is:


Option 1: An Ik helm with two sockets, socketed with two Lems can yield a total of 137 gold find.

Option 2: Artisan's Tiara with three sockets, socketed with three Lems can yield a total of 191 - 230% gold find. A pricier option, but ultimately worth it.


Main Weapon: Two 6-os Crystal swords socketed with all Lems will yield a total of 900 gold find.

Switch Weapon: Two +3 Warcry weapons. Echoing Glaives are the best choice.



Ideally you can find some rare gloves with up to 80GF. Additional resistances, defensive stats, or considered ideal. IAS is not required. 



Option 1: Goldwrap, with 80% gold find.

Option 2: A belt with FHR or FCR, plus life/mana/Strength, with 80% gold find.



Two Dwarfstars, with each yielding 100% gold find.



Option 1: Infernostrides with 70% gold find.

Option 2: Boots with FRW/FHR/Fire Resist, with 80% gold find.



Runeword “Wealth” in a high defense, three-socket armor.



Look for an amulet with +1 or +2 Barbarian skills or +1/+2 Warcries and 70 - 80% gold find. Any additional mods such as FCR, Mana, Life, Resists, and Strength, are also desirable.



Runeword “Edge” Bow for gambling. This is a must due to the 15% vendor reduction. This is easy and cheap to make, just search for a 3-os bow in A1 Normal Charsi and run out of town. Socket it with Tir Tal Amn.


Gheed: With highest gold find, up to a maximum of 160%.

Grand Charms: Nine 40% gold find charms.

Small Charms: Ten 10% gold find charms.

For the most optimal build, a Barbarian Torch and Annihilus is highly suggested. Sacrifice a Grand Charm to make room.


Merc Gear
Helm: 100% gold find Crown of Thieves. Socket with a Lem for a total of 150% gold find.

Armor: Runeword “Wealth” in a high defense, three-socket, Ethereal armor.

Weapon 1: Ethereal Bonehew with two Lems for a total of 150% gold find. Requires high Strength on Merc, with a corresponding high level to equip.

Weapon 2: Ethereal three-socket Tombreaver socketed with three Lems for a total of 225% gold find. This will be expensive, but ultimately worth it.

Merc Skills

To make the most use of the War Cry and Might, go to A2 Nightmare and choose the Offensive (Might) Merc.

Alternative Item considerations (MF variation / Cheaper)

Peasant Crown: Gives +1 to all skills, 25% better chance of getting magic items, and 50% extra gold from monsters. It is a unique crown.

  • Body armor:
  • Skullder's Ire: Gives +1 to all skills, 30% faster hit recovery, and 25% better chance of getting magic items. It is a unique Russet Armor that can be found in Act 3.


Ali Baba: Gives 100% extra gold from monsters, and 2 open sockets. 

  • Chance Guards: Gives 40% better chance of getting magic items and 20% extra gold from monsters. It is a unique Chain Gloves that can be found in Act 1.
  • Bloodfist: Gives +30 to maximum stamina, 40% faster hit recovery, and +10% enhanced defense.
  • War Traveler: Gives +10-15 to strength and vitality, 30% faster run/walk, and 15-25% better chance of getting magic items.

General Strategy

Take the waypoint to Travincal, switch to the two +3 Warcry sticks. Buff Battle Command first, then Battle Orders, then Shout. Switch back to the lemmed Crystal Swords. Run to the Archway, just before the entrance to Durance of Hate Level 1. Stop just beneath the Archway or shortly before. This traps the Council Members, allowing you to War Cry them, switching to the +3 Warcries to reduce their defense and attack, then quickly switching back to the lemmed Crystal Swords. Your Merc will kill them, horking them as soon as they die.

This positioning prevents you from being attacked if one of them gets loose. You may still encounter Hydras, but with the right gear and Fire Absorb, they're nothing to worry about. In the rare event that a Super Unique has Amplify Damage, they can be a problem. As such, make sure to War Cry and use your Merc to reduce the risk of them getting loose.

Another issue that can arise is physical immunity. To remediate this, replace another GC with a Bonebreak Sunder.

Extra Notes:

Leap build is a viable option for Goldfind Barbarian, but it can be time-consuming to round up mobs and position them in a corner. With War Cry build, mobs come to you, allowing your merc to stay in one position and kill faster.

  • War Cry build can be mana intensive, and it is recommended to carry mana potions. Timing your War Cries is crucial to conserve mana, and adjust for higher/lower skill War Cry accordingly. If you encounter a mana burner super unique, try to stun him with War Cry before he burns you. 
  • With good gear and experience, it is possible to complete a Travincal run in less than 2 minutes. The average time is around 2-3 minutes, while experienced players can complete it in 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • With 3000% gold find between the player and the merc, it is possible to get between 500k and 1.5 million gold per run. 



We've outlined the steps to build the Ultimate Gold Find Barbarian in this guide. From skills to gear to strategies, follow this guide and you'll be ready to take on Travincal with ease and reap the rewards of your hard work. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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