WoW Money Making Guide

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WoW Money Making Guide

Coins are at the center of the economy in WoW. You can use money to buy items, gear, houses, and so much more. Like in real life, however, getting rich in WoW isn’t easy and it takes a considerable amount of time too. So much so that for a point in time, inmates were hired to farm for coins in WoW as a side job.

As it is one of the most important resources in Azeroth, you’ll need all of the knowledge and tricks that you can get to start earning bags in the game. Before we talk about the best ways to earn money, let’s first talk about how the economy works in the game.

Coins in WoW

While most players use the term “money,” the currency in Azeroth is actually referred to as coins. With the way the economy works, coins are divided into three types: copper coins, silver coins, and gold coins, and all are known as c, s, and g respectively.

You can never have more than 99 Copper in the game. Once it goes beyond that, it will be converted into 1 Silver. Then if you reach 99 Silver, the next Silver you earn will cause your money to be converted into 1 Gold. With that, coins are converted as the following:

  • 100 Copper = 1 Silver

  • 100 Silver = 1 Gold

  • 10,000 = 1 Gold

The game automatically calculates your money for you so you don’t need to take heed of how many copper, silver, or gold you have.

There isn’t an infinite amount of money in a WoW server of WoW. It’s created and destroyed under many circumstances. This is done to ensure that the economy of the server is balanced and no player can take advantage of the system. In some cases, players do manage to rig the system to increase or decrease the value of items in the game but Blizzard steps in during cases like these.

Money Making Tips In WoW

There’s a never ending list of ways to make money in WoW. As long as there’s a new update, expansion, raid, or even a dungeon, players will find a way to earn money from that new experience. Not all money making methods in the game are efficient though and in our opinion, the ones below are the best.

Quests And Dailies

One of the easiest ways to make money in the game is by simply doing quests. Going through the game’s various campaigns alone should be more than enough to reward you with a hefty bank account. There are lots of rewarding quests in the game. If they don’t give you gold, you can at least sell the loot that you get for doing them.

Repetitive daily quests might be bothersome for most players but don’t turn a blind eye on these. You can earn as much as 100 gold coins a day doing dailies. The downside to this is that the quests are very repetitive and it will take a lot of time. It’s best for players who spend hours in the game daily. Once you get the rhythm right, you can do lots of daily quests with ease.

On the other hand, this is a hassle-free way. If you’re a beginner, we highly suggest doing the main campaign and a few side quests first. These will help you generate enough money to support yourself well into the endgame.

The Auction House

The auction house is without a doubt, one of the gateways to becoming a millionaire in Azeroth. A lot of players have found success in buying and selling items in the game. Blizzard keeps a close tab on the auction house as players could exploit the system to make an inexplicable amount of money.

As the name suggests, the auction house is player-to-player trading. What’s great about auctions is that you can buy high-value items for a lower price than what they actually are. If you’re lucky enough, you can sell the item at a higher value for profit. Unfortunately, mastering the auction house is easier said than done. If it was easy, every player in the game would be rich. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Mats Hold The Key To Success

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the auction house is focusing more on buying and selling equipment. These are very expensive items which are risky and challenging to deal with. Instead of focusing on gear, consider trading materials instead. These are much cheaper than gear and there are plenty of opportunities to make a profit off of these as well.

Try to search forums or anywhere on the internet for the most popular patterns or recipes in the game currently. Now, after doing that, farm the materials for those recipes. Players don’t always have the time to scour Azeroth for materials they need as this can be a taxing and time-consuming job. It’s very likely that most of them are going to go to the auction house for easy and quick access to the materials. That presents a great opportunity for money in WoW.

Use The Auctioneer

The Auctioneer is a special addon that will make your auction house journey a lot easier. When using this, the game will scan the auction house for any items that are cheaper than what they really should be. This way, you know where you should be spending most of your budget.

This little trick has made dozens of people on WoW richer. The key is to find those cheap valuable items and snag them up the moment the opportunity presents itself. Don’t sell the item immediately in the same auction house. You can move to a new server and find auction houses where the item you just got has a higher value.

Go To Larger Servers

If you want to get the most out of your auction house experience, it’s not a good move to head to servers with a smaller population. A smaller population also means there are fewer players to trade with. Densely populated servers aren’t only recommended if you’re planning on doing raids and dungeons but it’s the complete opposite if you want to start earning more money.

Keep in mind that more players don’t just mean more opportunities. This also means more players to contend with. Make sure to have a lot of money and invest in rare items only. It’s okay to get out of the auction house with only one or two items as long as they’re of high value.

Hold Onto Your Best Items For The Weekend

Most of the players you see in WoW are adults that have jobs during the day. This might not seem like a viable tip but saving your best items for the weekend is actually a smart move. As more players are active on the weekend, you have the best opportunities during that time as well.

The auction house will be more rampant with players looking to score the latest gear to complete their build. Aside from your items, make sure that you have a ton of money going into the weekend as well so you can snag some great deals on the auction house.

Selling Vendor Trash

Vendor trash refers to gray-quality items in your inventory. Or simply put, items that are Common rarity. These items hold no value even for beginners. It’s best to immediately sell any vendor trash that you come across on your journey. These aren’t pricey at all but if you sell hundreds of vendor trash, it all adds up to a hefty profit at the end of the day.

Another important reason to start selling vendor trash is that it takes up space in your inventory. That’s space you can use to keep more valuable items. If you’re stuck in the middle of a dungeon without a way to sell vendor trash, just drop them to make room for better items.

Get Help From Your Guild

Guilds are very useful in many instances and believe it or not, a lot of guilds have a solid support system for their players in the game. How does this factor into money making? All guilds have a guild bank wherein members can donate stuff like gear, materials, items, and others for the benefit of everyone inside.

If you find yourself struggling when it comes to money in the game, you can ask senior members of your guild for help. They can help you do Raids that offer better loot or they can also send you money directly. Of course, don’t forget to return the favor one day unless you want your fellow guild members to think poorly of you.

Joining a guild as early as you can in the game helps in your progression and in your journey to get more gold in the game. There are lots of guilds who are constantly on the lookout for new members so don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you can. They might just be what you need to get that special piece of expensive gear you’re eyeing.

Soloing Instance

Soloing instances sounds like a huge undertaking in the beginning but the truth is that it’s very possible. Once you reach level 80 and above, you can easily do this with the right build. There are two profitable options for money making when doing this method.

First, you’d want to sell the loot you gain on the auction house. Since you’re doing the instance alone, all of the loot is yours for the taking. High-end instances that are easy to solo include Uldaman and Scarlet Monastery. However, we’ve found that mid-level instances are pretty decent for soloing too. Mid-level instances can grant you cloth and blue/green rarity items. If you’re well-geared, try to take on the Scholomance and Stratholme instances as these can give you very lucrative drops.

You can make it more profitable if you’re an enchanter in WoW. You can disenchant some drops and sell the shard/dust/essence. The good thing about this is that there’s no deposit to list while selling these items so you can list them to your heart’s content.

Another way to make money out of soloing instances is by offering your services to other players for a price. Some players who don’t have the time are willing to spend money to finish an instance. You can use this as an opportunity to offer your services to them.

Buy WoW Coins

When all else fails and you really don’t have the time to farm for coins in the game, you might want to consider buying from legitimate vendors instead. Services like RPGStash can sell you stacks of WoW coins as much as you need. Services like these are pretty common online and the only real challenge with them is that you should do a lot of research first.

If you’re not careful, you might end up transacting with scammers online. We highly suggest trading only with reputable names in the industry like RPGStash. There’s nothing wrong with buying coins for your WoW character, especially if you really can’t put the time into farming for money yourself.

Getting Rich Requires A Lot of Work

Earning money in WoW is very hard. There are lots of rich players out there who prefer keeping their money making tricks to themselves so as to not affect the economy of the game. These helpful tips above are still worth doing though and in time, they can earn you riches as well.

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