WOW WotLK Classic: 2022 Most Complete Guide to Cold Weather Flying

30.09.2022 - 09:49:09
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WOW WotLK Classic: 2022 Most Complete Guide to Cold Weather Flying

If players are used to flying Outland, you may be surprised to find that they can't fly after entering the new continent Northrend. Yes, in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, players need to learn the Northrend flying skill, also known as Cold Weather Flying.

How to Unlock Cold Weather Flying?

When your character reaches level 77, you can venture into Northrend to learn the Cold Weather Flying skill. Before learning, what you need to know is that there are three trainers, they are Hira Snowdawn in Dalaran, Roxi Ramrocket in the Storm Peaks, and Pilot Vic in Sholazar Basin. No matter which trainer you choose, they will charge 1000 Gold, So, before you learn to fly, have enough WotLK Classic Gold ready.

Hira Snowdawn tends to be the most convenient for most players, but the Roxi Ramrocket in Storm Peaks is also very useful as you need a flying mount to advance the Storm Peaks quest chain. Advancing the Storm Peaks quest chain is a must for reputation with Sons of Hodir, the faction you must reach Exalted to unlock shoulder enchants, an important part of increasing your character's power in WotLK.

If you can't afford cold weather flying for a while, Roxi's friend Max will let you borrow a flying mount, Loaned Gryphon Reins for Alliance players, or Loaned Wind Rider Reins for Horde players. Players can use it in Storm Peaks, Sholazar Basin or Icecrown, but moving to other areas will cause you to dismount.

Alliance players should learn their riding skills from Hargen Bronzewing (Honour Fort, Hellfire Peninsula) or Maigra Keenfeather (Heroic Fortress, Borean Tundra). Horde players should learn their riding skills from Wind Rider Jahubo (Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula) or Wind Rider Sabamba (Battlesong Citadel, Borean Tundra). Doing so can save you up to 1050 coins!

It is worth mentioning that Cold Weather Flying does not affect the speed of the mount, it only allows you to fly in Northrend. 160% flying mounts will still fly at 160% speed, and expensive 280% mounts will still fly at 280% speed. If you don't have the Artisan Riding skill, you still can't fly faster than 160%.

Which Flight Trainer should we choose?

Hira Snowdawn: Kraus' Landing, Dalaran
Pilot Vic: River's Heart, Sholazar Basin
Roxi Ramrocket: K3, Storm Peaks

Hira Snowdawn, Dalaran

Most players will learn about cold weather flying from Hira Snowdawn, as her location next to the flight path of Dalaran, Northrend's main city and center of activity, especially at Krasus Landing, is a very accessible location.

Roxi Ramrocket, Peaks

Roxi Ramrocket, located at K3, Storm Peak's entry point, is the second most common cold weather flight instructor, and she always adjusts her aircraft next to the K3 flight path.

Pilot Vic in Sholazar Basin

The Pilot Vic is located along the flight path of the Heart of the River, by the basin where the 4 major rivers of the region meet. The last and least popular cold weather flight instructor. Because flying mounts are not necessarily required for missions in the Sholazar Basin.

The Sholazar Basin has many different altitudes, and without the ability to fly, it is a pain to traverse. If you're just following the quest chain in the area, you're unlikely to encounter him, so many players choose to learn cold weather flying before coming to Sholazar Basin.

How to Get Tome of Cold Weather Flight?

Tome of Cold Weather Flight is a way for players to level up a second character. If you want to level up your second character after reaching level 80 again then you can buy Tome of Cold Weather Flight from Hira Snowdawn in Dalaran for 1000 Gold, to buy it just talk to her and choose her second dialogue option, "Let me browse your goods."

The book is tied to your account rather than your character, which means you can now send it to your second character, who only needs level 68 to fly in Northrend. This is especially useful in the Howling Fjord starting area, where it is difficult to navigate without the ability to fly.


The Cold Weather Flying skill is not only newly introduced in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, therefore, it is a new and must-learn skill for every player. Before learning Cold Weather Flying, you can Buy WOW Classic WotLK Gold at the RPGStash WOW Store in advance for emergency use. In addition, RPGStash will also provide you with a detailed WOW WotLK Classic guide as needed, hoping to help you in the game, Happy Game!

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