How do your chest products work?

Our chests are special interactive products, each containing a unique range of items. The exact items depend on the particular chest. After purchasing a chest, go to your inventory page to open it and reveal the item inside. The delivery method is the same as regular products in the game in question, typically via live chat. However, once the item is revealed, you will be provided with specific delivery instructions. Please note that your game account must meet all in-game requirements for the particular chest item gained to receive and use the item.

Can I get a lot of in-game value by opening a chest?

Some chests have more powerful content than others, but all our chests can give you genuinely great in-game value. It all depends on which chest you purchase and whether the gods favor you or not?!

What is the distribution of items in a chest?

You can see the rough distribution in the product description, which you can access by clicking the chest name. Items are ranked by rarity, with five stars being the most rare and one star being the least rare. The fewer stars an item has, the more frequently it appears when the chest is opened.

Why did I not get the item shown to me at the end of the animation?

The item in your chest is automatically determined the moment your order is approved. While the animation's objective is to present the item in a fun and exciting way, we cannot guarantee that the item displayed at the end will match what you acquired because of lag and incompatibilities with certain devices, screen sizes, and resolutions. We recommend you open the chest in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers on a desktop with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for best display results. You can be sure that the item name shown when expanding the row in your inventory is always the correct item as determined by the system.

Is it better to buy an item or a chest?

If you want a specific item, it's better to buy it directly, whether it's gold or something else from the range of items in the chest. On the other hand, if you want excitement and the possibility of getting a rare item, then the chest is the better choice.

How do I receive my item?

It depends on the game, but in-game delivery is usually arranged via our live chat. Delivery instructions will be shown at the end of the animation. Before buying, you must ensure that your game account meets the in-game requirements for all the items in the chest, whether it is a matter of subscription to the game or a particular character level.

Can I buy many chests at once?

Sure! You can buy any number of chests in a single order. Each chest purchased is opened on a separate row in your inventory.

Why did I get a cheap item?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will get a great item, so if you prefer certainty, please buy products like items or in-game gold.

What's the best item I can get from a chest, and how do I know for sure I can get it?

Click on the name of a chest to access the full product description, including all the items contained. Generally, the best (five-star) items are the most rare. You can also play the chest demo to see what's inside for free! And finally, please review our customer feedback to confirm that we deliver the goods.

What kind of items are contained in a chest?

If you click the demo link on a chest you can see a quick demonstration of items contained in that particular chest. If you click the name of a chest you can access product description and review all the items which are offered in the chest.

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