Our Level Up XPerience is designed specially for gamers No matter what game you play you can earn XP, level up, receive awesome rewards, and even respawn!



Upon completing a quick and easy registration, you can immediately begin earning XP. Earn XP for nearly every product we offer (excluding some items due to promotions and low-margin products).

Earn your first XP

With every purchase you gain XP! The XP awards ares clearly displayed on RPGStash pages, and you can track the total XP you earn at checkout. Keep in mind, certain payment methods may also offer Bonus XP!

Level Up to your first level Rogue

The journey starts with the first step! Our XP Program ensures a quick progression to your first Level - Rogue and before you know it, you'll advance to the Warrior, unlocking even greater rewards!

Enjoy your first rewards

Every XP you accumulate is a valuable so can be redeemed at checkout for instant cashback. Upon going through levels, you will receive an XP multiplier and unlock a reward statshes containing a thrilling mystery prize!


  • You do not lose your level when you spend your XP (unlike in video-games)!
  • Collect all Level Up Stashes as you advance through the levels!
  • Each month you get respawned, so you can again Level Up, and collect your XP multipliers and Stashes!


3.000 - 9.999 XP
XP Multiplier x1 Up to 1% cashback Rogue Stash
Cash Reward 1 USD


10.000 - 29.999 XP
XP Multiplier x1.5 Up to 1.5% cashback Warrior Stash
Cash Reward 3 USD


30.000 - 149.999 XP
XP Multiplier x2 Up to 2% cashback Champion Stash
Cash Reward 5 USD


150.000 - 499.999 XP
XP Multiplier x2.5 Up to 2.5% cashback Legend Stash
Cash Reward 10 USD
access to VIP XP Club*


500.000 + XP
XP Multiplier x3 Up to 3% cashback God Stash
Cash Reward 30 USD
access to VIP XP Club*



The most loyal RPGStash customers gain access to the VIP XP Club, offering special VIP products, free draws, VIP Stashes, special promos, VIP Manager access, and other exclusive benefits!

Club GiveAways!
Personalised Bonuses!
Exclusive Discounts!
VIP Manager!



Earning Rates

1XP per 1 cent USD* spent
1.5XP per 1 cent USD* spent
2XP per 1 cent USD* spent
2.5XP per 1 cent USD* spent
3XP per 1 cent USD* spent


XP is short for Experience Points. You can earn XP by placing orders on our website. The more money you spend, the more XP you get. As you gain XP you will level up. There are 5 different levels and every time you level up you get a higher XP earning rate (XP multiplier) as well as a one-off reward for your game of choice. In addition you can earn extra XP when you pay for your order with cryptocurrency or Western Union and from time to time we offer sitewide promotions with double XP earning rate for all customers. The XP is not just for leveling up though. You can also spend your XP balance in our checkout to gain a discount on your order. Spending XP does not affect your level up progress. Your XP balance and level are reset in the beginning of the next month so you can keep earning your rewards.

You can see your current XP balance in the top bar of our website when your are logged in. To see how much XP you have earned during the current month and what your current level is you must visit your Level up page.

If you go to your Level up page you can find all this information. There you can also choose in a drop down menu your game and by extension the type of rewards you will get when you level up.

Go to your inventory page, navigate to the correct row, and click on it to access your reward.

At level 3 you will get 5 cent worth of XP for every dollar spent. On top of that you have our generous one-off level up rewards that can more than double the value you get out of the program. Also bear in mind that your XP gains can be boosted even further by paying with Cryptocurrency or Western Union as well as taking advantage of our XP multiplier promotions that we run from time to time.

First of all, double check your level. Your XP multiplier is stated on the level up card on your Level up page. Second, check if products in cart are already discounted. You only earn XP on the actual amount you end up paying for order. Third, certain products may be exempt from XP. If uncertain, please read product description or contact our live chat. Please note that the XP amount that a product is worth is only shown correctly in XP popup or on product page when you are logged in to our website. Don't forget that you can increase the XP value of your cart by paying with Western Union or Cryptocurrency.

Make sure you are logged into our website with the correct account and that you have emptied the shopping cart. If that does not help, contact our live chat and we will help you restore the XP..

Most likely the month has ended and as a consequence your XP and level have been reset. It is important that you level up and spend your XP before the end of each month. Then you can enjoy a fresh start as the new month begins.