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About Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a free MMORPG published by Amazon Games that you can download and enjoy on Steam. Lost Ark has a range of different in-game currencies, and Lost Ark Gold is one of the rarer currencies in Smilegate's MMO. Currently Lost Ark is only available on PC, and offers 15 playable classes including six main classes, nine advanced sub-classes to adventure in the world of Arkesia.

How to Get Lost Ark Gold?

Lost Ark Gold can be traded at the auction house, some items and equipment upgrades also require gold, but unlike silver coins, you can't get it easily, RPGStash simply summarizes several methods for you:

Una Tokens: Log in regularly and complete your daily and weekly tasks to earn Una Tokens, various amounts of Una Tokens can be exchanged for LA Gold of varying value.

Raids and Dungeons: Chaos Raids are absolutely lucrative, Guardian raids will be rewarded with Gold, and any valuable loot can be sold on the auction house.

Crafting Items: Players can collect resources during the word adventure to craft popular items, and then sell them on the auction house to earn gold.

Gateway Maps: Lost Ark Gold is also rewarded for completing cooperative sailing missions on the Gateway map.

In addition, there are adventure missions, Rapport and other ways to earn Lost Ark Gold, which we will introduce in detail in the Lost Ark Guild, please remember to collect RPGStash. Of course, these all require your time and effort to achieve, however, the way to Lost Ark buy Gold is more and more popular with players.

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❤️ What Our Lost Ark Customers Say
What payments methods do you offer?

Here are all the payment methods we offer and how long it takes for you to receive them.

Paypal & Webmoney - few minutes.

Crypto (Bitcoin, USDT) - 10-30 minutes (depends on blockchain confirmation speed).

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How to sell RuneScape Gold?

Choose the version of the game (OSRS or RS3), enter the amount of gold you wish to sell and hit "Sell Now" button. Our agent will confirm the price and payment method. Then we meet up in in the game to trade the gold. Get your cash for RS Gold!

Is it safe to sell OSRS/RS3 Gold?

Selling Runescape Gold is very safe. We take gold on well managed accounts at the same time you are in control of yours, this looks a normal trade in the game.
However it also depends with the website/buyer you are doing your deal with. Check if the website is trusted, its reputation, verified reviews which can be found on Trustpilot or Reviews.CO.UK.

Is selling Runescape GP illegal?

Selling RuneScape gold is not illegal. It is against the game TC, however it is absolutely legal activity and if performed safe there should be no any risks.

How much is OSRS/RS3 GP worth?

OSRS Gold prices are changing all the time, we show in the form estimated values. Please contact our supply team (via Sell Now button) to find the exact price for your Runescape gold ;)

How much cash or real monies I can make by selling Runescape gold?

It is really depends on your effort, the way of making in-game gold. We have a lot of suppliers who make a good living on this effort :)