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About Dragonheir: Silent Gods Services
Dragonheir: Silent Gods features 200 heroes categorized into S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier based on their ranking. To explore the game successfully, players need Dragonheir: Silent Gods Boosting Services to equip their heroes and enhance their combat capabilities.

Heroes come in six different elemental types: Decay, Radiance, Lightning, Poison, Fire, and Ice. Each season pairs two of these elements, and having the right combination of heroes based on their elemental types can trigger Elemental Affinity, granting attribute bonuses.

How to Level Up Your Dragonheir: Silent Gods Heroes Quickly

When nurturing your heroes, prioritize leveling up. It provides the most cost-effective attribute improvements for your heroes and aids in conquering challenging battles. Obtain experience potions in Goblin Lair Dungeons and use them to strengthen your heroes. In the Elemental Domain, acquire Elemental Crystals to break through level limits.

As your heroes level up and access equipment dungeons, focus on gearing up. Choose primary attributes for breastplates and gloves that align with your hero's role. Equip your heroes with a full set of gear whenever possible to gain additional attribute bonuses. Equipment enhancements offer substantial upgrades, but they can be costly, so invest selectively in equipment that suits your heroes' needs for optimal enhancement.

Whenever your heroes level up, consider taking on higher difficulty dungeons. Each increase in dungeon difficulty yields better rewards and further boosts your heroes. Through this positive cycle, you'll eventually be able to conquer all enemies in Adenthia.

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