Sorcerer Pro Set

Sorcerer Pro Set

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  • Class: Sorcerer

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One set of nine powerful items for the Sorcerer, contains:

Wand of Evocation:
A shining gold wand of force, built by a diabolic archmagus to channel vast corrupting energies into the material plane.
Scepter of Storms:
An ancient druidic scepter created by the nature gods themselves, embodying all the fury of the megacosm.
Robe of the Star Mother:
A robe of gossamer glowthread, used by the sorceress matriarchs of the western kingdoms.
Ring of Decades:
Cut from a fallen star, a deep purple emanating an unearthly glow, hinting at the power fused within.
Soul's Guidance:
A crude walking stick enchanted by Skuld?s distinct style of sorcery, constructed to guide fallen spirits to the afterlife.
Conducting Wand:
This wand is powerful at conducting magical energy into a devastating blast.
Honey Scepter Supreme:
After years of the truth being rejected by the masses, this version of the fabled Honey Scepter is automatically enhanced with the full potential it had all along.
Scepter of Fulmination:
This scepter?s blast is so powerful it will slow opponents.
Snake Eye Ring:
A ring made from the eye of the Snake Queen.


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