Castle Wars Tickets Service [Old School]

Castle Wars Tickets Service Old School


This product is no longer in stock

This Castle Wars Ticket product is for OSRS only.

We will collect your account login and password on our checkout page. We don't need your bank pin. Please set a temporary password on account before placing order.

We will accrue around 75 tickets per day on your OSRS account. See table below for estimate of time to complete order:

50 tickets: <24 hours
75 tickets: 24 hours
100 tickets: 1-2 days
200 tickets: 2-3 days
300 tickets: 4 days
400 tickets: 5-6 days
500 tickets: 6-7 days
600 tickets: 8 days
700 tickets: 9-10 days
800 tickets: 11 days