Fighter Torso [Old School]

Fighter Torso Old School

 2-24 hours

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We will get the fighter torso for you.

Members Only
Required combat level: 60+
NO XP will be gained in this minigame.

You are required to have the following items on your account:

Items Set 1 (for quicker service)  Items Set 2 (minimum)
Dragon body + dragon legs/skirt Rune body + Rune legs/skirt
RFD gloves Combat bracelet
Neit (best) or Berserker helm or Dragon med Full rune helm
Fury Glory/Strength
Rune defender Rune kiteshield
D boots Rune boots
Zerker ring -
DDS+D Scimmy D Scimmy/Rune Scimmy (If not 60 Attack)

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