OSRS Account - 40 ATT / 80 STR / 80 RANGED

OSRS Account - 40 ATT / 80 STR / 80 RANGED

Pure HybridStaker

Delivered within 30 minutes. Combat lvl 58.

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40a-80s-80rThis account is for Old School Runescape only.

This account has never been accessed by a regular Runescape player. This account has been created and leveled by our internal Runescape team under strict security protocols to ensure the confidentiality of the account login and recovery information.

However, we do not guarantee that the account never will be banned, lost, or otherwise made inaccessible seeing as we can not control your behaviour once you have gained access to account. We only guarantee that we will email you account details for an existing and accessible Runescape Old School account with 40 ATT / 80 STR / 80 RANGED within 30 minutes of completed and approved purchase.

  • Account Type Pure HybridStaker

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