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Pet Hunting OSRS Service

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Would you like a specific pet, or are you trying to amp up your collection log on certain bosses? Here at we offer a unique pet hunting experience.

How does it work? If a monster has a drop rate chance of 1 in 1k, you can either buy kc in 100s until you get the drop. Or we can give you a BULK discount on 1k kc that we would not usually offer.

To properly quote you, please place an inquiry order for 0 and provide your desired pet name, a screenshot of your stats and best gear. We will get back to you with a price and ETA within 12 hours.

Bossing Pets

Pet Drop Rates of 1/2000:
Callisto Cub
Scorpia's Offspring
Venenatis Spiderling
Vetion Jr.

Pet Drop Rates of 1/3000:
Baby Mole
Ikkle Hydra
Kalphite Princess
Smoke Devil
Prince Black Dragon

Pet Drop Rates of 1/4000:
Pet Snakeling

Pet Drop Rates of 1/5000:
Dagannoth Prime
Dagannoth Rex
Dagannoth Supreme
Dark Core
General Graardor Jr.
K'ril Tsutsaroth

Abyssal Orphan = 1/2560
Jal-Nib-Rek = 1/100
Lil' Zik = 1/650-6500
Little Nightmare = 1/800-4000
Olmlet = 1/53
Pet Chaos Elemental = 1/300 or 1/1000
Skotos = 1/65
Tzrek-Jad = 1/100-200
Youngllef = 1/800 or 1/2000

Skilling Pets

Average Time to Obtain:
Baby Chinchompa = 100 Hours
Beaver = 130 Hours
Giant Squirrel = 120 Hours
Heron = 240 Hours
Rift Guardian = 120 Hours
Rock Golem = 110 Hours
Rocky = 140 Hours
Tangleroot = 380 Hours

Miscellaneous Pet

Drop Chances:
Bloodhound = 1/1000 Master Caskets
Chompy Chick = 1/500
Herbi = 1/6500
Lil' Creator = 1/400
Penance Queen = 1/1000 BA High Gambles
Phoenix = 1/5000
Smolcano = 1/2250
Metamorphic Dust = 1/400 CM CoX
Sanguine Dust = 1/400 HM ToB
Parasitic Egg = 1/400 Phosani's Nightmare

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